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Alexander Hedstrom has entered the Master and Servant 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: The forest’s edge


The queen of the Woodling people, she was called the Bride, has come to the Forest´s Edge, there to meet her servant from the Otherworld, the girl Tilda. Accompanying her is her entourage _ her consort, the Prince, perches on the tip of the branch of a great oak tree which is being used as a staff by one of the beast-kind, Tursus, all horns and muscle. A monster from the Inner Groves, built like an ox and twice as tall as a man,
it has been brought to serve as the Bride´s protector, for many dangers lurk amongst the trees where the forest and the Otherworld meet. He is a reluctant bodyguard, and he growls angrily. The Prince tempers Tursus´s simmering fury with a steely gaze, and to further ensure that the beast does not wander away, the woodlings have branch-crafted its legs into the roots of a tree that have taken root deep below the ground, and thus immobilised, the giant squats, brooding. It remembers the sting of the Prince´s gem-staff well enough to realise not to vent its discontentment.

The woodling, Iolo, the princeling, a youngster who swings on a plank of wood suspended by a rope that the monster holds in its huge hand. Iolo swings listlessly – he hates having to go on this trips, he is never let out of sight of the Bride. He dreams of escaping the forest, and the adventures he will have in the Otherworld.

While all this goes on, the Bride greets Tilda with an offering of gold coins. A tear trickles down Tilda´s cheek. Her feet and left hand have been merged into the twisting roots of the forest floor. Her right hand suspends a mobile of glass orbs that gently tinkle as they spin back and forth over a cot that lies next to her. Within a new born baby lies, dressed in I outlandish red clothes, a pointed red cap and scarlet pointy booties. The child is mesmerised by the spinning balls, reaching up to grab them, oblivious of its surroundings.

The girl looks up at the gold – payment for the child. She knows that as soon she leaves the Forest´s Edge the precious metal will transform into acorns and empty snail shells. Her eyes shift to the silver dagger that the Bride holds in her other hand. The Queen desires the child, and the child must be paid for, a fair trade in this strange land. As soon as she acquiesces, the fingers of her left hand curl back into flesh, withdrawing into her arm from the musty earth. Tilda falteringly reaches out to accept the coins.

Unbeknownst to them all, weird figures flit in the darkness between the trunks of the towering trees. Their hands and feet ends in stinging barbs, their wings insect-like, their bodies gaunt. They skim through the shadows silently, coming ever closer to the group at the edge of the Forest. They are drawn of the sweet aroma of a new-born man-child – these creatures, if allowed, will sting the child and feed upon its cries, and the tears of innocents are as the finest claret to them. Wary of hulking brute, who would swat them as flies, the mosquito-men approach cautiously, the net of their ambush almost ready

thanks all mates and friends for a great time, see you.


• Wellcome to the challenge Alexander, I wish u the best of luck, judging by your work, I am sure you are gonna rock this place :thumbsup:!


I wish you the best of luck, and have fun.


excieted subscribes here and awaits your first move… :stuck_out_tongue:

best luck to you mate, looking forward to some really nice eyecandy of yours to pop up.
rock it Alex, go alex go!:thumbsup: :buttrock: :wip: :beer:


good luck… :bounce: but… are Cohen put to rest for a while now?


cohen have to wait a while, got to do some mockups (sketches) for chalenge.
see you later and good sculpting to you all. :thumbsup:


Hi Alexander…i am looking forward to some nice creative ideas and then execution from you,this should be a very nice and fun time…I hope to see some excellent art coming from you here,and expect it,best to you and good luck…:arteest:


the pic came up tree times so its gone here.


ruff idea, (Woodlings) is nomads that are wery gifted in magic, They can freze any organic materia to wood and twist it to any shape they want, and unfreze it when the wont some help whith moving again.(wiktims)play material in ordinary day and like a donky in all the outher days).
this is a ordinary day in there life when they have found a plase that they feel confurtable in(noving them well, its only for some days then they are bored, away again).
they are realatives to fairys but ages ago they lost there ability to fly, some genes are from elfs(but for sure not the hight).
wery ruff design (hate mok ups). its going to be around 10 woodlings later on.


Hey alex!
another free form masterpiece???:bounce:
nice man! I´ll be watching!


Nice to see one of my fav. cg artists has a weak point too, if you ever visit switzerland you are invited to have happy drawing afternoons since you don’t like it :wink:

Concept idea: fantastic, as expected. am looking forward to those woodlings with great expectations

Layout: since i know your complex way of worldcreation, i already see a fantastic wold coming to life.

Minotaur/beast: must be painfull to be the playground for a woodling kindergarden :wink:

Great to see you started your nitro, looking forward to your world coming into place now.
Cheers, :wip: :cool: :beer:


thanks all. fore years now i have only done clay moc ups fore concepts, so whith 2d work,
if it dosent look like anything after 2 min i throw it, so i going to do some 3d concepts to
later on.
if i go to switzerland some day i look you up angel. :thumbsup:
got to run to work. see you all and :thumbsup:


Hey there!

This’ll surely be an entry I’m gonna be checkin’! Looks very cool allready!

:thumbsup: Good luck.


thanks JM, cool that you and some more people ounderstand my concept,
maby i should spendid more then 10 minutes on it, but no, i whant to sculpt and thats now,eeee yes now.
see you later jm and all of you. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:




interesting idea Alex…keep on!


since i know you are very very busy, i came to encourage you! there are others out there, spending nights on their pc’s instead of sleeping, thinking of you and are waiting for your great work to come to life! Go go go Alex!:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


thanks all and yes i got to go go, but go to work, well overloaded whith work now so update
will come tomorow evening. see you and :thumbsup:


hi alex ! i love your work, i´am sure this will be a great entry :thumbsup:


Very impressive Alexander…I feel a whimsical touch with this,and an emotional one,along with lots of nice eye candy…I’ll be looking for more,bring ASAP…:arteest: