Master and Servant 3D Entry: Adriano Zanetti


Lol, that can never hurt. :wink:



congrats on your piece n gud luck :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


awsum man! love the compasition of this and the colour contrast is really awsum. really like the changes to the action you made this image really fits the master and servent!

now you can get some sleep

well done! :bounce:




Wow haven’t seen this thread ever since the early stages. It really turned out great man. Super job. Congrates on the final, good luck. Definately on of the outstanding ones.:thumbsup:


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bloody good stuff here – Love it, the high contrasts and the feeling of heat are great.
The expression on their face is really gorgeous. Very good piece of work



M and S


Great final image :thumbsup:… i like the lighting effects

Excellent expressions and details:cool:



Hey Adrian, good to see that your image made it into the competition! The amount of detail you put into it is insane.

I would have liked a little more of a dramatic sky or something back there, but I guess there’s always to little time for some things.

I like what you did with the blue signs in the background, would have been cool to bring out more blue hues in the rest of the pic.

Great expressions on the fat guy btw.

Good luck with the voting!


WOW, what a smouldering warm image,my pants are on fire,literally…all the best…its looking amazing:scream::thumbsup::bounce:


Hi Adriano!

What a good job you have here friend:thumbsup: Amsterdam breezes are very good for artists breath ah?..Hope see more of you here…Good Luck!



Hi Adriano, really super work, man!!:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


brilliant piece


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Hi Zanetti!

Please don’t get me wrong friend…I’m using nether of this stuff too…take it as an eulogy as it was since I post it:)



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Wow, I have to say this is one of the better submissions i have seen… The fat man reminds me of Baron Vladimir Harkonen from dune :stuck_out_tongue:


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I just want to say, amazing. Great Picture, great detail. Just checked your Website grat work as well, iam sure you will find a job soon. Just some explanation to the work would be nice.
Have a good day.


Hey Adriano!! Your work rockz!! I found myself in it’s theme, because I’m doing a PC game including Samurai and the eastern culture and it just rocks… If I were to take a detail from the whole wonderful pic, I would choose the OH, SO COOL light symbols that cover the body of Osamma and the stones around… I love that!! :thumbsup: Continue like this Adri!! It’s really cool!

All the best


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