Master and Servant 3D Entry: Adriano Zanetti


So sad that you could not turn this in. It’s a great image. I hope you will participate next time.


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Yeah… I cross my fingers for you Adriano :bounce:


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good news, indeed :slight_smile: good luck for the judging :slight_smile:


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many guys here talk about voting (man, you have my vote!) but in the guide clearly stands:

“All Master and Servant judging will be performed internally by the jury.”

so, no voting, just judging :slight_smile:


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Don’t be so sad Adriano, we saw your image and it is great ! Just do what I told you few posts ago, post it in the finished work gallery, I’m sure you will win an award ! :thumbsup:


Hi adriano

impressive work, and very good composition, a like it,:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
it is really a pain that you have not arrived on time to give your
work, but I really find it very well, and you can be proud of your


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Man,this image is darn good.
The fat god guy,his face.I smell skills here.Jesus,blows me away.And the chain structure is phenomenal.
U rock pal.Now this is what I call sweting for the work.The way this samurai spear goes
trough book,lighting,bg,detail,U name it.Its just to bad U didnt make it to the end.
But some of us can be happy though,less competition,this stuff would sweep it’s way to the top. :argh:
Anyway’s,you are to be comended finishin’ it even after challenge dead line.
Glad someone get opportunity for work here.I still need to get there.
CONGRATS and much succes with getting into bussines. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Congrats Adriano. Good thing the complications were resolved. Nice story and nice image. Good luck and best wishes.


Congrats Adriano…

Very good work:thumbsup:



Fire, and more fire. Great image, very dinamic (overall the jumping man). Looks very good your scene.



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Hey there Adriano, I’ve been peaking in on your thread from time to time, and I just wanted to say what excellent work you have done here from concept to final! :buttrock::deal: Where are those space ships? lol :smiley: Best of luck!



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