Master and Servant 3D Entry: Adriano Zanetti


Removed by myself!


Removed by myself!


Removed by myself!


Removed by myself!


Hey Adriano friend…nice final image really…
Have best luck mate…and I hope we see in the next challange mate!!
best and best luck!!



Great job Adriano !Nice final image…:thumbsup:


can’t help you technically, but have a look at the “submit final entry” button in the master and servant menu. if your image is in there, everything is fine. don’t be confused, that you can’t see the .zip file in the ftp-directory after uploading…


sorry, the button is called “upload final image”


Removed by myself!


Oh man… your last picture is so beautiful… But I’m so sad you have do this mistake of upload… I understand well your actually feeling… grrrrr
Maybe you can try to explain your problem to a moderator of this challenge… I don’t know if that will be change something, I’ve just see many challengers in a similar case than yours…

In any case… good continuation Adriano… I hope followhing here your work in a future challenge… Seeya… :arteest:



Removed by myself!


Sad to hear Adriano ! But all the things were explained on Cgnetworks few months ago. As I can remember Leonard send a huge message few days ago to explain to each person who entered the challenge that we have to do the upload to the cgnetworks server. It seems to me that I also received an email which tells us how to do it…

But I hope that the moderators will do something for You, your entry needs this ! Good luck !:sad:


Removed by myself!


Sad, so sad !
Your entry is great, for sure, I think the best thing U have to do is to submit your entry in the finish work gallery, you can, and I’m sure that you can have an award for this picture cause it is GREAT ! I will vote for U !

One thing, in your signature, you say that you want to be a 3D artist, put that off YOU ARE AN ARTIST !

The best of all will come, don’t be so sad ! See U next time ! Maybe in the next challenge ! :thumbsup:


Oh no! That’s really sad - you’re image is absolutely stunning! It’s been really nice to follow your progress with this.

If you can’t get it in through the mods I think you should do as pfeiffer suggests and upload to the gallery - I’m sure you get a lot of votes that way and perhaps a frontpage…?

Good luck in sorting it out!


Removed by myself!


First I comming to late, and I really sad about your problem of up-load :sad: your work is simply amazing.

Please accept my congratulation and :bowdown: impressive work. I cross my finger hoping that a moderator will check what’s happened and you can be in the ‘voting arena’.



Removed by myself!


:bounce: so a chance is open…

I continue to cross my finger… I will take other info tomorrow to know what’s happened

ps: so cool your avatar ! :smiley:



Hay Adriano

man thats looking great! love thins new character:thumbsup: not to long till the deadline. i’m sure that just made your stomach turn. sorry hehe

i wish i could have seen abit more of the development but i’ve been offline for a while now! my internet is down and i wont be online till 26th May which has pritty much put me out of the running to put up my entry. but i’ll show you what i have later.

really look farward to seening the final result as i know you have put so much effort into this work.

anyway chat soon