Master and Servant 3D Entry: Adriano Zanetti


good to see someones doing the hard yards. must be 6am yourtime! good worK:bounce: but ya do need to sleep so we’ll forgive you this time!.




Fantastic details for this armor… particulary for the boots… Aïe aïe aïe… :thumbsup:


Removed by myself!


Big work and good Job


Fantastic work
I am stunned by this precision
Good continuation, I am curious…:applause:


Looking good Adriano. The way the armor flares outwards is what really gives it the samurai look, althoguh samurai and knights are very similar. Hehe, I thought I had a lot to unwrap. Kepe it up:thumbsup: .


ho nice work Adriano…like it!!


dude this is much better works alot more and the armour just seems way to kewl man!! great job…!! no crits the mesh is so clean and so detailed… always had a thing for samurai looking characters… great stuff


:slight_smile: Nice to see your updates man. I like your work. Nice armour models and designs. Great Topology too. Want to see more updates.

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Master and Servant 3d Entry


Nice work man!

Good luck!


I like your idea a lot, I want to see it ended, the idea is good until for a movie :smiley:



its very detailed work man, excellent :thumbsup:
keep this up Adriano:bounce:


Great process on the armoring… Nice work on the armor design too… keep at it. Adriano…


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Hello, Adriano

You have made a great work of modeling, also I like much the
surroundings that these preparing, I hope that as much effort has his
compensates, still asi I believe that the admiration of your work on
the part of other artist is a good that comforts, I wish much luck and
good continuation you.:thumbsup:

My master and servant


• Looking good Adriano!, sticking around! :thumbsup:


Removed by myself!


hey Adriano

excellent modelling skills, totally blown away… I like the process and thx for showing some steps. Keep it up!


your modeling skill is awesome ! and your process is great too! why don’t you submit it in milestone , it very informative ! hurry mate! time is running out!

and your personal advisor is very cute!


I like the new master, good change. I’m awaiting more updates. The girl sounds like a nice addition to the picture. Hurry though, the end is near.