Master and Servant 3D Entry: Adriano Zanetti


WOW glorious rigging. Can’t be done better.


Awesome work Adriano! All looks incredible to me!! Very nice idea!!!

keep the great work mate, and good luck!

Rafael Martinez


Wow, amazing entry. I am wating to see more. Samurai are the best:thumbsup: .


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really cool looking char, and nice texturing.


I really like what you have going on here so far. The only thing which really bugs me and you’ve already noticed it yourself is the body of the master gets lost with the colors of his skin and the armor. So I’ll give some suggestions you can decide what you think.

Seeing as the story says the armor is a gift from god. Why not have the armor get brighter in color (almost glow) as the master ages. Almost in the sense that the armor is taking his life. Kinda puts a twist on the story and the whole master servant idea who is the real servent?

Another thing which might help is that since you used the coran as the armor texture why not make the writting on it stand out a little more from the armor. Maybe a different color or make the writting larger in size or etched/carved.

Just some ideas I had hope it helps. Your models are looking great. And the concept is extremely cool.

– bannedit


more adriano more…bellissimo work mate!!!



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Removed by myself!


Latest Update: Texturing: Glow

Cool glowing texture…is it gonna be all over the armour? fat idea man…like a super artifact of importance…nothing like the ring in LOTR, this is the real deal, haha.

looking good,



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he i’m not the best moddeler in the worls obvious, but i’m sure you’ll finish before the end of the week…it just needs a little extra stuff…no complete remoddeling as far as i’m concerned…some belts and chains…i’d moddel them seperate if i were you…lot easier i think. but he, look who’s talking…do your best the way you think it has to be done.

i’ll be looking out for all you steps,



hey man … awesome modeling skills… :wink: seen this thread a few times…compliments on your texturing great stuff the glow looks good with an awesome historic uncontemporary feel to it… i love it.!! fantastic dude! lets see more… you have quiet some talent and a great piece of art emering here


Hey there, I just had to stop by to see how similar our ideas were. I think we’ll be ok. Similar poses, but very different ideas. Anyways, great idea and modeling you’ve got here. Best of luck.


Wonderful work so far! The models are really good and that texture test for the helmet is really cool! Can’t belive I haven’t seen this before but will of course follow from now on - good luck :thumbsup:


ho niceeee mannnnnnnnnnn:thumbsup:


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great!! impressive modeling and texturing :thumbsup:


Adriano…Nice work…I like the straps,belt very much…I am using somthing similar…they add alot of spice and style…real nice,keep it coming in the fastlane…:arteest:


wow ur really good man… i love ur approch to modleing… and i like ur idea of the armors printed with teh writing of the quran… very thoughtful… keep up the good works my friend… c ya aroung :thumbsup: