Master and Servant 3D Entry: Adriano Zanetti


Holla Adriano,

what da heck man! how detailed is your scene! And it still grace and light at the same time! The models are the same way, well done!!

Best regards!!


Now, how did I miss this thread. Outstanding modelling mate. Very detailed. Wanna see more. Update.

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haha…i found you Adriano…Where you beeen hiding? and lucky I did too…real nice entry,very nice concept and the work thus far is very well done…Now that I know your here,you wont be lost again…see you as you progress…really nice and interesting entry…:arteest: :beer:


Hey, these so tiny detailed CG sketches are like the messengers of a performance beyond modelling…Keep the good work goin’!!!


Insane model/texture…
Looking your topic!


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wow dude nice work!


Very very good models!!! I´m anxios waiting for the next update. :bounce:


He ! Great models here ! I love the samourai very much ! Good work Adriano ! :thumbsup:


really nice skills you have:). Texture and model is wery good, i like it… Keep it UP.


Here are some skin and armor test I did… some of them were made a couple of week ago before I even entered the challenge. However, even though I’d very much like to hear your opinion about it, I’m not really satisfied with the overall look, I’m even thinking about going back to some serious modeling to ad more crusty details, especially on the armor, it obviously misses lots of detailing like ropes, attaches, belts and other jiggling/hanging useless neat stuff.

I’m less concerned by the skin texture as probably 80% of it will be covered and hidden anyway, so that would be secondary, I just made sure I had everything the whole body skin textured cause I’m really willing to animate the scene soon or later and that armor will not be on all the time in the animated sequence I have in mind. Anyway, C&C are more than welcome gentlemen!

I’ll be checking your replies with serious interest, however I won’t post any updates in the coming days as I do have to focus on getting a job, my girl is getting a bit irritated to see me foolin around with you guys here all day long ;O) so if you guys hear about a job in the area of Amsterdam (besides streamline studios where I already applied and got only an auto-reply email tellin me to go back to my mum and cry :O) Anyway, please oh please let me know, pe@ce![/QUOTE]

He man, realy looking good on the model of the dead man walking…and the armour is cool, but as you said…it misses the useless stuff dangeling about…and what would fitt him well is a bit of a broken armour…since he’s old and crusty like a crispy cracker that’s been under the couch for 3 decades, he should have like an old and worn out armour with bite out of it, maybe even an arrow stuck in there…some slashes and suff, just really damaged…just a suggestion, but most of it you would have figured out yourself i guess, so i’ll leave you to your work. But it is a really mad design :twisted:

i’ll follow every step,



awsome charactar,great detail one those rusty muscle already:)for the armo yes, it needs a bit more volume i think,looks a bit falt,maybe ancient japnese armo mean to be falt,anyway,good work keep going


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Removed by myself!


beautiful work,
only comment would be to continue and add more details to the armour but its very good overall:thumbsup:


Crazydesign : Thanks for your comment man. The contrast between the aging and damaging of the skin and the armor is not much of an issue to me here as it kinda serves the purpose of my story line. To make it more clear I’d have to tell you a bit of the story of that character.

This armor is it is a gift from god, a weapon that is meant to serve good purposes, to chase evil forces away. It is lent to the the most skilled warriors with pure hearts. The “evil” master not being a pure heart himself could never be granted of such privilege… so his only way to have a hold on that weapon is to control the mind and beliefs of the ones who will carry the armor of god.
Unfortunately for the naive apprentices, the armor is cursed and can never serve evil purpose for long as it pretty much eats the knight who wears it as his soul gets darker and darker serving the evil scheme of the impostor Master.
The apprentice (servant) realizes that, seing his body getting decomposing only pictures the growing guilt of the terrible things he 's done to serve a cause he’s serioulsy starting to dounbt about. Obviously he was betrayed, manipulated and used by his religious master ( see it for instance as how religious leader lead young man to commit acts of terrorism nowadays). So knowing he’s gonna die,he decides to put an end to the evil schemeof the master, and in the name of redemption and revenge decides to kill him. The sword, the weapon of god is then used to split the evil master from the holy book he used for wrong purposes, and it’s with his bare hands he will destroy the Master.

That will be it for now… there’s more to know about the Servant, especially about the reasons he turned evil… well here again the explanation is very much starwars based… it is not because you serve evil for some time that it means you can not serve the purpose of a greater good in the end. I give more credits to someone who made mistakes and work hard to make it up… than to the one who never makes mistakes but eventually someday will **** up big time.

Anyway… so now you knowabout the story, the armor was not burried, and can’t really be damaged in the “broken” way… I want it to look old to give it more credibility, personality. But the contrast between the armor and the character is a must here. The clothes of the servant will be damaged though… the deeper you go underneath the armor, the more damaged it should be. Skin is obviously dead/dying, clothes ripped apart, leather damaged, and armor old only.

that’s it.


In that case…just add a lot of useless stuff then, haha…looking great.



:eek: :eek: :eek: Man, it´s amazing!!! I love what you did for the skin man! nice poses too!
Keep it up mate, I´ll be following!:thumbsup:


cant wait to see the final of this little beauty! the character is awsum! the texture of the skin are reall nice! its really got that nice dry skin/clay sort of feal to it!

what are you rendering with? what sort of lighting setup are you using.

i really like the pose you have with the CAT fingures. a really nice perspective

keep the updates coming!

would be nice to have the guy getting strangled to be looking just with his eyes at the sword! like hes hoping to get hold of it!




Great stuff Adriano… I feel the same as the others… how did I miss this thread…lol…