Master and Servant 3D Entry: Adriano Zanetti


I am preparing the winning announcement, and will probably put it online next week.

The next challenge will hopefully start in a month or so. We like to have at least four a year.


:smiley: just came to check back and congrat you on your cool final piece :slight_smile: just read leighs post, hehehe, next week the “waiting after it” shall have an end i hope :stuck_out_tongue:
see you soon and best of luck :cool:


Well, too bad, I was dreaming of an honorable mention, but didn’t make it to the shortlist, better work next time ! pity, we’re not getting any direct feedbacks from the jury, would have loved to read their crits.

pe@ce and congrats again to the winners!



:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: these 5 guys are just bouncing for you… they (and me) support you… then, I’m sure the next time… you will be on the selection… and don’t forget, you have your power in your fingers… then, use it :thumbsup:

I understand your little disappointment, but that must permit you to be stronger for the continuation… now, it’s time to beers :beer:


The most important is to participate ! We are not there to have a prize or an award… THe first thing is to reach our limit, finish the contest and share with friend our art and take what they give to us. The award or the prize are just a gift… But the most important is that U are an artist and your image is really cool…
Haven’t you posted your image in the finished work gallery ? Maybe, the members of CGtalk could give U what Ur waiting for…


Removed by myself!


As U want but some of the challengers did that and they got back an award…


Removed by myself!


Ahahah ! excellent ! may I use it for signature ? Very philosophical point of vue turning to something very concrete !

Maybe I shouldn’t let my balls hanging in some place everytime !



That’s the funniest saying I’ve ever heard in my life! HAHAHAHAHA!


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