Master and Servant 3D Entry: Adriano Zanetti


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Hey Adriano goood start nice job…welcome and good luck mate!!:thumbsup:


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Ciao Adriano!
Eh, your models just rock!! So high detalisation… And I’m still under impressions after one anime short watched recently so seeing here some characters related to east is very attractive to me:):thumbsup:
Good balance between stylisation and realism (especially that one with two swords and cone hat).
Listen, I see a model with muscles and a skin applied above it. Is it right? I’m using max also so this subject is curious to me. Is it some kind of function or you modelled manualy both muscles and skin cover?


Very good man! I appreciated your models! looking very good! Keep on going friend:thumbsup:


Hey there Adriano_Zanetti, some magnificent use of polys there man:thumbsup:

Keep it up


Wow man, dat ziet er echt helmaal super uit, stuk voor stuk prachtwerkjes.:thumbsup:

Als de wedstrijd afgelopen is…zou je mij eens kunnen leren hoe je zoiets fantastisch maakt?
ik ben net met max begonnen en ben stunned dat dit eruit kan komen…WOW!

geef je een goede kans, succes verder,



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Crazydesign : hey man, thanks for you comments, my dutch girlfriend tells me your post is very sweet :O) …too bad I can’t read it myself. a bit of a shame as I’m in your country for some time now… but 3D keeps me busy, no time to learn dutch ! :O)[/QUOTE]

I did it in dutch cause you’re profile sayz your from the netherlands…never mind, we’ll speak english. Cool design, realy some poly madness:buttrock:

What i asked was if you could teach me…since you live in nederland.

De groeten,



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Stunning work Adriano :applause: :applause:


More adriano keep more:thumbsup:



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Thanks for dropping by! Loooking forward to see how your scene will turn out, looks very promising :thumbsup:

Don´t forget to post a sketch, i think it’s necessary!


Some good stuff.The set set up is cool too.:thumbsup:


Nice models. Looks like you have a good composition too.
I think if I where being choked I might have at least one hand trying to pry his fingers off me. Posing characters can be so hard.


Heye adriano nice update Mate…keep it strong!!:thumbsup: