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Latest Update: Final Image: Heaven Torn Asunder (Master & Servant)

OK people here it is again!
Trying desperately to upload my final Tiff and everytime I check it says i’ve still not submitted it. I can see by reading the forums that its a common problem.

I’ve already posted this once, trying again!

The story to the image…

Heaven Torn Asunder

It was an age when women were treated as subhuman, a time when they were valued less than dirt. There existed entire tribes whose leaders felt that if a man’s “mate” gave birth to a girl, he was regarded as a weakling. It was believed only real men produced males.

On many occasions, chiefs of various tribes held ceremonies, in tribute to their masculine pagan gods, ceremonies where many newborn girls would be buried alive or eaten by dogs, simply for coming into the world as a girlchild.

Amongst them rose a man who rebelled against the laws of the tribes, he felt compassion to his mate and his newborn daughter, and let the leaders of the tribe know that he wished them to remain in the encampment together.

However, the chiefs collectively felt that this kind of sacrilege must not be tolerated. After all, it was rumoured that the wench must have enchanted him, and so should be put to death. The man and his mate heard of this and decided to flee. He stayed as a distraction but secretly sent his mate and his daughter to seek help from a passing tribe of mysterious nomads.

After hearing the plight of the woman and her daughter, the Elder of the nomads, being of a less violent nature took it upon himself to help raise the girl after the mother returned to be with her mate. Neither the mother nor the father was ever seen again. It is rumoured they were tortured to death in the most heinous ways imaginable.

The abandoned girlchild learnt many dark ways of the nomads and became renowned as an adept pupil, who progressed incredibly fast in the art of the dark and arcane. As she grew into a strong and proud warrior priestess, she was constantly reminded by her spiritual father of the tragedy surrounding her parents and vowed through all she held sacred to avenge their deaths.

The Nomad Elder was enchanted that through his adopted daughter, an end could be brought to this savagery. The tribe invested much time into her, turning her into a formidable force to be reckoned with. At her coming of age she undertook her life’s mission to wreak vengeance upon these savage tribes.

As she neared the tribes’ encampments, she stood upon a mountainous position, and summoned forth her slave. A slave created from the darkest recesses of her inner hatred. Her slave was a child of a thousand raging furies. As the Slave reverently looked upon its Master, muscles and sinews taut with fervent rage, it knew instinctively what was required.

The Master looked up adoringly at her Slave, her very own Girlchild. She commanded


Hey man, what’s up with your entry?:slight_smile: Give it a try!:thumbsup:

Thanks for dropping by on mine. Cheers


Thanks for the support mate, Its the big marathon weekend for me. I’m gonna take it from concept stage to final drawing (at least) by tommorrow. Should be painting by Monday, keep a look-out and please dont hesitate to give me feedback.


Well here we go…My first ever online competition. Its a pleasure although its been a bumpy ride already. Bloody scanner broke down before I started! Anyway, my piece is called “Heaven Torn Asunder” and its about a priestess who summons forth an awesome entity created from within her. In a sense it’s a mirror image of herself, but with a twist. Its created from the most darkest places of her psyche and heart. A real “yang” to her “ying”!

Through this piece I want to create a deep contrast between the Master & Slave. The Master to be human and beautiful, strong as well as independant. However the servant to be simply “awesome” in strength, “overwhelming” in looks and a beauty very darkly twisted in contrast to its Master.
I’m really looking forward to doing this piece, so please keep the feedback coming. I’m gonna post a few more sketches too. I hope everybody enjoys the ride…


Some concept sketches of figures to get the right feel and flow of the piece. Want to create some movement, I dont want it looking static.


Another concept figure rough. Playing with a bit of lighting and messing with muscle structure. Nothing too exciting…but great fun!!


Just playing with more poses and movement. Got the feel of what I want, On with the Line Art then!!


Its been a long night, made up for the lost time messing with the sodding broken scanner. We are moving now, its beginning to take shape. I like the look and feel, its flowing now, growing out of me. I like the organic feel of the entity, just flowing and growing out of me.
I forgot to mention, there is a parallel to the concept of the Master in the painting and myself the artist. Just like the priestess is creating the servant, I or “we the artists” are also similar to the priestess as masters; in that we are creating a painting/servant. A result of our creative processes and the judges will pick the best servants/paintings! So in a nutshell the painting itself is a documentary of itself and the challenge!
OK the painting process will begin tomorrow, I need sleep as both a servant and master…


Larger image


Hey, nice concept. I like the sketches of the characters. She’s a little too mascular don’t you think :smiley: it’s just a personal opinion i guess. I definately like what’s going on at the design of the demon. Keep it coming dude. I’ll be checking again later.



Nice idea, I like the strength in the concept, very powerful, I’ll check on your progress.


Ok here is the background roughly blocked in. Love to really play with the paint and “sculpt” the background. I want to have a really loose misty background for this piece; and in contrast keep my figures really tight and strong.

I’m getting the feel of the look that i want, but I think i’ll inject a little more pink/magenta to infuse a little more life into it, stop it from becoming monotone.

Aim to get as much of the background finished today as possible.
Keep the coments coming folks.


A larger example of background rough.


The second phase of the background completed. Still needs more work, looking too symmetrical, I need to break it up more. Following this I may complete the ground on which the master is standing on, or may begin work on the figures.
Going to paint the slave coming out of a cyan/turqoise colored portal, so I know what I want there. May add a couple of smoking incense burners for decoration, but dont want to make a painting based on a typical ritual session, want to keep it free from all that.


Coming together nicely, I like your concept and color scheme.

Good luck


Here’s an update, infused much more life into background, still needs more blending and highlighting. Much happier with the way its coming along now.


Thanks for dropping by me thread and for explaining why she is so buff, hehehe.
A purple colour for the background…it looks like it’s working. Can’t say much until you paint it more. will be back dude.



OK people here is the next update. The colours seem to be coming out a lot more duller for the web version…hmmmmm.
Anyway the slave has been roughed in, I think the background is interfering with the slave too much, will need to tweak the colours or make it darker. Plenty to do yet, probably end up looking completly different (Ha ha!).

Lets have some feedback please guys. Not getting nearly enough feedback!


Slave roughed in, Master will be painted in much more realistic Fleh tones to Create the contrast. Want to finish the Mater as soon as possible which would leave me ta have plenty of fun with the the slave via experimentation.
Its seems to be going well, maybe a bit too purple, nothing that can’t be fixed though. Really enjoying myself. All feedback would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.


Just a quick update. Let me know what you think. Lets have some feedback please guys!