Master and Servant 2D Entry: Thitipon Dicruen


I just got to find out that Damir (AIR) got an award… and then noticed that I should search for the results since they seem to have not been sent to me.
That was already disapointing enough. Now I find out that you have not been offered any degree!

To my personal taste your entry was far more comprehensive and carried much more depth then the entry they rewarded the first prize to. The only logical reasoning I could go to is that they either overlooked your entry somehow or thought that your resolution you worked in was not high enough to compair. I thought your entry was the best of this seasons. I hope achieving such an image is enough a reward for you, as it takes a lot to be able to create something such as yours.

Good Luck with everything Thitipon



i was expecting to see it in the top 10 but it seemed the judges were going after certain styles and themes that were more iconic…but i would say urs is more original and stylish than most of the entries and for me that’s what really matters…so keep doing what u like to do and good luck next contest


Very nice. I like the detail…the colors, the lights, everything!


Your painting is fantastic, Congrats with your final Image!:thumbsup:




Awesome entry, love the way you rendered glass pieces. I’ll keep an eye, good luck!


wow ,ur so wonderful…I like ur pic,very nice and well done…nothing more I can say…Good luck everyday~:bounce: :thumbsup:


Did I Tell You This Image Is Great…oh I Did…cool Just Wanted Remind You That All


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