Master and Servant 2D Entry: Thitipon Dicruen


i just read you all painted it with a mouse! now that makes me almost worship your mouseskills! wow!!!


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A I R…thank u.good luck to u too.cheers.
SavageCreature…thank u.i learned a lot from many of other challegers’ 2u.
Sacha…hehe…while workink this piece,my machine got some virus and maked some of my data loos.i was so happy finally i finished it.haha…everyone have problem.congrats on us.:beer: cheers.
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make sure you save your works on an external storage, please. i mean that it would be a shame to loose it! cuz it royally rocks!


OMG… I have to say this blows my mind!!:eek:

One of the main things that annoys me about the fact that I had no time to allocate to CGnetworks is the fact that I missed out on following work like this :cry:

Oh well. My Job will be slowing down soon so I intend to throw my work up in the forums. Can’t wait to interact with so many talented artists.

Xric… Can I just say thankyou so much for all of your supportive comments, even thought I was hardly ever around. Your comments alone are enough to make anyone want to do more and do better. You have set a standard in this competition and it is a high one!!! I can only hope that you will be around in the forums to offer me advice and crtits very soon. I’m going to put my money on your piece coming in the top three. I don’t say that because you where most kind regarding my work, I say it because the level of detail AND the fact that you just CAN’T reference something like this shows your immense ability to transplant a great idea from your mind to paper. not only that but this piece actually has SOUND!! I know that may sound strange to a lot of you but just take a moment to look at this final image and you can almost hear the cold gale and the smashing of glass. LOVE IT!!!:love: I will pm you in a minute Xric :smiley: .



HOLY smokes man! Im just now catching your finished version. wow. thats ll i can say. this is very stunning. all the detail that you put into this is phenonmanal. I was relying souly on my dynamic characters but your peice has inspired me to look for a more broader array of things that I can use in my illustrations. :drool:


There are some entries wit amazing talent and skill…

Some with an outstanding composition and dynamism through out… And some that have an impressive story and a variaty of ymbols to support it…
But not too often are there works such as yours!

You have definately pushed the limits to how successful an entry can be and how much contribution can be actually applied to it.

I have just read through a mile long thread loaded with compliments to your entry. And I am proud to be able to be one of them… Thitipon, your imatge is breathtaking and you deserve every little compliment that has mountained in it’s discription.

Good luck with the rest of the compeition from here on!



Thitipon your art skills are so advanced.
Possibly see you in the next challenge
Take care
Best wishes


It was great to follow your whole process. Your techniques are really good and also your ideas. Good luck!! :buttrock:


wow!!! this is amazing work!!! thank you for your kind comments on my drummer portrait, coming from you it really means alot!! this is an excellent m&s entry, again, great work!


Oh Man, that fantastic !! Style, idea and colours are wonderfull. I like your level of details. I found a lot of ides in this piece. I like your style.


hi all,:smiley: glad too c u here.:love:

Sacha…thanx,mate.i back up files already.:wink:
Black…thanks for ur compliment,Black:blush: .i’ll always try my best.thanks again for ur pm and support,buddy:bowdown: .take care.
kuzgunoglu…thank u.i’ll be around here always.
slime… luck to u too.
vivien_drums…thank for ur compliment.:blush: take care.
Geronimo…thank u.i’m so glad u like it.good luck to u.

thanx everyone.c me around here and hope 2 c u of the best luck to u all.:wip: :beer: :wavey:


:scream: YOU DID THIS WITH A MOUSE?!? :scream:
:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

What can i say… :applause: excellent!!!


Jimmi…hi,buddy.thank a lot for your compliment.i’m glad my comments can be helpful.i’ll around here to support you always.:):smiley: take care.still waiting for ur finish work.cheers.:buttrock:
TheMagnetic…thank for ur compliment.hope u’ll develop ur great illust.cheers.:wip:
vivien_drums…ha…yeah,cause i have no money to buy a good tablet:cry: :cry: :cry: .so i plan to buy one soon.:twisted:

thanks,everybody.take care.:wavey:


an amazing pic, very emotional, good work:thumbsup:


So far among the piece, i have seen,your 's is realy a stand-out. Im pretty much impressed on the way you handle the composition,ethereal colors and surreal concept, which i must say is kinda unique, sweet-temptation , gothic and has an elements of a modern baroque type of art, apart from it , is the composition which has a dynamic flow and feel to it. Watching your piece kinda reminds me the artwork of LUIS ROYO, which is very dark, diabolique yet theres a sexy feel to the chaos and swirling elements into female character,all in all its a piece which is realy a fruit of honest to goodness, dedication and clearly an unstained imagination.Keep up the good work.As an asian buddy, i definitely believe your work will be something to watch in the finals. More power bro!!!you inspire us all.



Aww… Myyy… God… This looks so good. Thanksalot for making such an amazingly inspiring piece. And thanks alot for dropping at my thread man. Very Appreciated and very thaughtful of you.


hi everybody.:twisted: thread spammer comming!!
wow…victims for my spamming.hehe…just kidding:D

tuck…ขอบคุณครับ…:slight_smile: c u around next challenge.
shuseki2501…hi…my asian new friend.:slight_smile: nice to meet u.thanks a lot for ur comment and compliment.:blush: i realy appreciate it. :smiley: :arteest: best of luck,buddy.:buttrock:
Dulshad03…thank u.good luck to u in judging and hope to c u in next challenge.cheers.:wavey:

thanks all.take care.:beer:


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