Master and Servant 2D Entry: Thitipon Dicruen


a truly original piece… thanks for all the advice and support during the competion. good lcuk!!


I am still wowed by this painting!:thumbsup:


Pfff amazing peace of art!!! cangrats!


It’s a real Good work!!!


Hey! Very clean and professional looking piece. It looks rather 3d actually.

  Lighting is excellent, as is your render style.:thumbsup:  Congratulations on finishing :applause: and thank you for swinging around my little thread :D


it is not just the technique… it´s everything
:bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

congratulations as you´ve created a masterpiece!


Man this is an awesome image…I just love it…fantastic…goodluck :slight_smile:


You have managed to capture that explosively powerful feeling all over your work.:thumbsup: I didn’t realised that the two shapes on the ‘spiny tentacles’ are actually heads of some demonic beasts. Disturbingly brilliant! :twisted:


Needless to say again HOW great your wok is! do you have a website by the way? would like to see more of your works and … hehe, add a link in my linkssectoin on my lil page :smiley: keep on rocking, you’re not only a great talented artist, you also are a great friend! see you soon!


super super
this picture my fovorite:thumbsup:


[color=white]hi all,[/color]
[color=white]so glad to see u here.u make me feel warm in my deep dark and cold lilith’s thread.:twisted: [/color]hehe.(and help me upgrade my Eng.:banghead: lol)

naresh…thanks.i think now i already win cause i’m here with all my 2u too.
rePLAY…thanx for 2u.
bowditch…thanx for 2u too.cheeers.
Velinov…ha…thanx 4 ur urs luck 2u2.about judging:

Sergey Banityuk…thnx 4 ur 2u
W!L…hi buddy,good news about ur successful submit.:wip: thanx 4 ur support and gl2u2.
Max Larin…thanx.gl2u.
paperclip…ha…thnk 4 ur
bealobo…thanx 4 ur compliment.but for me it’s not yet masterpiece.i have to learn more to do that.gl2u.:arteest:
element5…thnk u.glad u love it.gl2u.
Sacha…hahahaha…sorry,i can’t roc.i don’t have website for now but it’s coming soon(maybe 60 years after when i die and someone want to discradit my works on web:p joke)
levent…thanx and gl 2u.

i wish the next challenge would come to us so soon.what u think?i dream it’s the theme of love.:love: base on character.:wavey: oh…no dress!!lol.:drool:


your painting is amazing!!! great sensitivity and control on everything. the characters, the lighting, the movment, all those great thin strings and whirlpools ( hope i say it right in english) :applause: :applause::applause:fantastic painting!! good luck :thumbsup:


Your work is an art piece:eek:



i dnt need to say anything bro, they already did:) … anyway good luck & post more of your rk at the gallery:bounce: , plsss…


smaddl…thanks,mate…ur work is amazing too.the girl face in ur piece haunted me every’s too impressive!!:argh: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: lol.
Maxter…thank u.i’m very pround to hear 2u.
arkinet…hey thanx a lot,buddy.u always support me during the time.anyway,this’s first time i’m here(about a month).idon’t know where and how i can post.and how about it’s must and if i want to post the other kind not cg,would they allow?.oh…cgtalk is a very very wide world.everywhere is Eng(me=F).inside this i am a baby.i know little of Eng and almost completely stupid about internet.ohhhhh…how i am like this.:banghead: :banghead: :banghead: How can i do.i need more time to survey around here.hehe…:twisted: (use power of the dark-side)

thanks again.take care.


Man, just post your damn work over there!!! Who cares about school anyway…HAHAHA…just kidding. We’ll see you there soon and Goodluck in school bro.

I wish you the best and at the same time have fun :buttrock:

cheers :wavey:

btw, i think this whole light saver thing with avatars is getting kinda cheesey, hehehe.



good luck,mate.c me soon on finish 2d sect.:buttrock:


I will never be a star wars dork, hahaha (just kidding). I already have a group called section 9 (ghost in the shell, heehee). Either that or I’m part of the justice league, heeheehee.

so no light savers for me :stuck_out_tongue:



WoooooW,respect from me.
This is FAB stuff.The women is amazing,and her reflection.Didnt read the story but image is
so aesthetic and beautyfoul.Good luck mate.seeya. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Wonderful piece. I feel very lucky having had the opportunity to see it develop, from beginning to finished image. Good luck!