Master and Servant 2D Entry: Thitipon Dicruen


Cool :wink: Turned out lovely. Good luck


I really like your consept and composition…good luck in vote


Really cool image. Your shade, light, and realism is exceptional. Really cool idea. Good luck in the judging.


Wow. Wonder why I never came across this.

This is absolutely beautiful. You researched very good subjects to interpret the challenge topic. Love the colors (icey and cold), the layout (chaotic, yet understandable), and the detail. The only thing that distracts me is the buttocks. Appears out of focus/blurred (from crack and moving outwards), not sharp like rest of piece.

I’m at work and can’t check out your Challenge Page nor your other pieces, but will when I head home.

Great stuff. And good luck!


congratulations on that fine, beautiful, amazing, stunning, wonderful picture! :bounce:

wish you the best luck and hope to see you around next time!!!



Damn good, Xric7! Good Luck in the contest and see next time around…Holla!


Congratulations on an energetic and beautifully rendered image Thitipon. I wish you well with it! :slight_smile:


Hello Thitipon. Thank you for dropping by my post so many times. Very much appreciated. I will keep an eye on your future works. Hey, if you have the time, lets stay in touch. And of course, this image turned out amazing. Best of luck to you Thitipon. Talk to you soon.
Dragon, out.

My Master and Servant:


You’ve done a great job. Crazy details and composition. I already told you how much I like that girl’s pose. Just excellent. Good luck bro!


One hell of a great piece this turned out to be, congratulations man!





Since the last time I saw your work, you really pulled it off! your are vigorous in your work. i’m amaze by all the details. i really feel the battle within the caracter, how is very well done by the way…

I wish you good luck!


nice job, xric7. this turned out to be a very well rendered piece, there’s so much going on and you managed to keep a sort of chaotic harmony that still has an emotional tone. congrats.


Extremely Well Done… This piece of art is so cinematic!

Truly Luvin it !

1 question though:
How much time i need to achieve such Crazy Painting skills!!??

Post-grad student…U must be kidding… U must be learning hard into ur art before u enter the Art college.

I oso like the gal’s butt & her reflection in the mirror…Dat’s the Highlight dat quickly catch my attention at the very first place.


hi all…:beer: 1st,congrats on ur best done.:wip:
JMcWilliams…thnx and best luck2u too.
korayarts…thanks.glad u like
snowkiwi…thaks for ur 2u too.
Funeral Laugh…u’re right.i put the shadow around her bright body to keep composition and represent to the dark-side’s the butt seem to move outwards but i love it’s abstract value of te rythm of ligth and shadow as it is.(sorry about my Eng(F):blush: )thank for kind luck2u.:slight_smile:
dunkelgold…ha…thank u.u’ll see me sure.
beelow…ofcos,buddy.i’ll be around.:twisted: thanks alot 4 ur support.take care.
Poshspice…thank a lot,im fan of ur entry.:bounce: hehe…glad to c u here.thanks a lot for wish.
dragondragon…thanks for ur support,buddy.will stay in touch and wish u best.:smiley:
kerembeyit…thanks for encouragment.gl2u2.
Rudeone…thanks a lot.congrars and gl2u.
THE CLYKE…thanks man.good luck.
cyberarts…thanks a lot and gl2u too.
Nigel Q…thanks for luck to u.
dinodog_Jr…hehe…i honestly tell u that i studied math and science b4 entered the university:banghead: .don’t worry about the time.u still have all of the time in the have realy nice skill of art.i can remember ur work.:thumbsup: keep luck to u.

thank u everybody.take care.


hey boy…:buttrock: …good work.:thumbsup: …and congartulation…i know you are the one of the winner…


I just saw your work! It is really good!
And very good concept too!


Firstly you pisture, an image that deals with the dark side, is beautiful. The internal struggle that you represent for the central idea I think is very original, and it is painted with virtuoso technique! The underlying composition idea of the spiderweb works well, and we percieve very subtlely. The whole scene seems a moment of metamorphosis too, the glass is breaking, fracturing, evil is being won. The scene reminds me of a moment in the film Apocalypse Now, where one of the characters in the film (can’t remember his name) looks into a mirror in an intense moment asking himself a lot of questions. In the making of the film the director explains that he asks Martin Shean (yes that’s his name, I remember now) to face his inner darkness and take it on - Shean did this wholeheartedly, and the day after had a heart attack! Powerful stuff and though you represent it allegorically I think that you have taken on a very strong issue. Well though out!

Good luck to you


Yea, One of my favs since the begining. :thumbsup: I see that your final image makes me a bigest fan of you as before. Exelent lights and colors. The composition is creat and the idea is awesome.
Wonderful pice of art which desevre admirations. My best for the contest. The judges are on the way!!!

By the way… Does anyone knows when starts the voating trial?



:thumbsup: Very effective picture - dynamical and on color pleasant.
Technics of execution good - the material (invoice) is successfully transferred
It is pleasant to me!