Master and Servant 2D Entry: Thitipon Dicruen


Hi xric7,

just wanted to say thx for your nice comments in my thread during this challenge. Your own work is so stunning and impressive, you really got some skills. I wish you best luck…

:)) <- Lutz


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Hi Thitipon
Glad you decided to keep the yin and yang in your painting.
You have good instincts.
Gives picture more meaning.
Great Painting!
Glad I could be of some help in it.
It was my pleasure.
Good Luck
Take Care


Congrats on such a brilliant piece of artwork. I thoroughly enjoyed watching you develop this one. Truely a masterpiece!

Good luck in the judging, bro! Well done.




You did a fantastic piece, man! Congratulations to you! I want to see more of your work here and participate still in the next challenges.

Thank you for your support by the way.

Until then…


this image carries some serious moody feel to it… cold and revenous. AHH!!!

great work!


Hey, nice work, is a very good one illustration, i give you my best wishes in this challenge.


grobouk…thanx for ur encouragment.
overcontrast…thanx.i’m glad u love it.
ChrisThatGuy…thank 2u too.
lutzw…thanks for ur encouragment.
dogdoy…thank u very much.btw,keep going.realy want to c ur finish image.cheers.
Glenn Gallegos…thank u very much for ur much it meant to me.take care.
artjunkie…ha…big thanks for ur support during the challenge.
wireFrame…thanks and promise for being in the next challenge.
Slav…thank for ur comment.
Is-boset…thanks for ur encoragment.
thank u all for all ur supports during this of the best luck to u all.
cheers.:thumbsup: :buttrock:


Wow this has impact!! well done with this, I can see it in the book already :thumbsup:


wow nice finishing work, looks very nice, I´ll bet my money on you mate, thx for your input on my picture. Good luck to you!:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


it’s sweet!! what more can i say? great work! :applause:


And the winner is… :wink:



awsome piece. kudos and good luck. til next time. :applause: :applause: :applause:


Respect! I love everything of this piece, awesome details and you have a great sense of depth. Good luck!


Great work! Perfect:thumbsup: Extremely beautifull and dynamic! Good luck


xric7: Congratulations on finishing the challenge. Your work was oustanding and served as inspiration that helped me to finish my challenge. Thank you for setting such a high standard and also for taking the time out help others with your critiques and postivie feedback. You have my highest regards my friend!:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

Regards and Best of Luck!:thumbsup:
You’re definitely one to watch in the future!


Hey xric7, Excellent result in your painting… I liked a lot the colors too. Congratulations man, and good luck in the judgement and voting :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Hey xric, fantastic looking entry, best of luck in the judging, I would not be surprised if I saw this crop up in the final list of prize winners! You were a great source of inspiration for my own piece, and I’m still in awe of the level of skill you’ve exhibited throughout this whole challenge. Great stuff!


I hate you for being so amazing! Goodluck with the competition man, I have a good feeling about this one.:wise:


Jezzarts…thank u.hope to c all of challengers’works in the book too.
sgtpepper…ha…thnx u.hope i won’t make u lose ur money.hehe…:twisted:
R Frederickson…thanx,dude.u r so sweet too.:blush:
Malachi Maloney…is all challengers.we do our own master piece here together.congrats on us all.:beer:
jugeras…thanx and gl2u too.
am7…thanx for ur luck to u too.
Hof…thanks for ur support.good luck 2u too.
TMArtist…ha…i’m so glad my work can inspire one of tthe great artists like u.thank for ur support during the means a lot.take care. :bowdown:
Wandddo…thnk,man,i’m glad u like it.gl2u too.
Zepyhri…oh…Sam.glad 2cu here.i knew about the final entry of u and Sacha.i’m so sorry i can’t help u anything.:cry: ur works are real best ones for me and many people here.:thumbsup: anyway thank a lot for ur support,buddy,take care.
CoreyArtE…sorry to make my piece amaze…thank u very luck to u too.

thank u,all challengers.:slight_smile: u make me be here to feel to give to get…to know better of Eng(or it’s and to know how wonderful of the mytherious thing called art.:arteest:
love u all.take care.:wavey: