Master and Servant 2D Entry: Thitipon Dicruen


Marvellous interpretation for a marvellous realization…
…thanks for the story :thumbsup:


sawasdee krub.

nice job krub. you job is have power i like it.and good luck krub.
:thumbsup: :eek: :slight_smile:


hey xric~thanks alot for the help:)i’m done uploading the final image~


3 x A! very nice piece, like your theme and your incredible detail level!:thumbsup:

good luck in the challenge!


Hey man, congratulations! Great job and great story. It’s been fun following your thread. Good luck to you! See you in the next challenge! :slight_smile:


:applause: I’m very impress by your work man! a very good story for a very good picture! It’s amazing:eek: …your work it’s one of my favorite! you’re a great artist and so fast!! unbelievable!!

I wish you very good luck and hope see you on next challenge!

Keep going on this way! and thank for comment and post in my thread:scream:


Dynamic and energy ! excellent work on the glass pieces.

Good to see some guys from thailand.
Muaythai rules !!

Franck Kobolt


I just can repeat myself: Too cool, man… just too cool… :buttrock: :smiley: :smiley:

Seriously, your work is real master piece! Interesting story too…

Good lucK! :slight_smile:


and here is other one great work and other one my favorite!

Good luck man!



:drool: :cry: :drool:
:applause: :applause: :applause:


I’m not sure that everyone can wear clothing when you go to hell like Keanu Reeves


Stunning, symbolic, dynamic. Brilliant work.


Excellent…congratulations…good luck



Good luck in judging, bros. That’s fantastic one.


very very nice story, didnt realise it went that deep :stuck_out_tongue: it really goes well with the img, anyway gud luck!! :thumbsup:


Congratulations! One of best 2d rendering techniques I’ve seen. I wish u luck! :slight_smile:


Lemog…thank u too for about mt latest post?is it big enough for being wallpaper?if not i can send another biger version for u.:smiley:
tuck…khob kun krub_choke dee chen kun krub
ms@zx…you wellcome,realy glad to help u.:slight_smile:
sgtpepper…thanx.i’m glad u like it.
taz23…congrats and c u on next challenge too.
Fiolka Alexandre…ha…i’m not great artist but only a baby in cg world.:arteest: u 'll see me on the next challenge surely.
TeemuR…thank a lot for ur encouragment.
Akrep…thank u and good luck to u.
SoniaNotRed…wow…:eek: nice comp for ur message here.and real dynamic and realy cool characters…haha,:beer: i’m joking.thanks a lot for ur support,buddy

I’m not sure that everyone can wear clothing when you go to hell like Keanu Reeves

ha…from Constantine!!one of my favourites.btw,thank for ur encouragmnt.
Paul Davidsons…thank u and best luck to u too.
FIDUCIOSE…thank you.wish u best in this contest.cheers.

thank u all for ur kind support.:bowdown: take care.:wavey:


daadaa…ha…at 1st i designed this piece,i took more time to think than to draw.thank for ur ancouragment and best luck to u too.
NinjaASSN…thax a lot for ur support.wish u best in this challenge.

cheers.:bounce: :buttrock:


… I return the congratulations. It’s very cool te be approuved by someone who make a very (nice) differently work, good luck too


amazing man… i’m in awe… very well done… and great color tone… i love it… keep up the good works mate :thumbsup:


Looks great. Good luck in during the voting.