Master and Servant 2D Entry: Thitipon Dicruen


I really like the shape and the lighting of the woman so far. Keep up the great work!!


This looks so cool! Man a very nice concept! And a great ass :stuck_out_tongue: Thumbs up!


ehm xric only joined this challenge like 4 days its nothing to do with not interacting.


Wow, that’s a much more solid rendering style than i’d have expected from the ethereal (and quite beautiful) style of your pencil comp. Not that that’s a bad thing, both work equally well. It’s looking quite lovely. I don’t quite understand the sharp shadows on her, like why her left buttock has a splotch of lighter area and nowhere else does… But i know you still have a ways to go, so I’ll be patient! :slight_smile: Any thought to what you’re going to do with the background?
Good luck, and keep it coming!



I think this is so amazing! Dudes, I´m tellin´ ya, there´s gonna be lots of cg-awards after this challenge :slight_smile: .

Man, your rendering is just… :buttrock: . The women is almost jumping out of that picture:applause: … Keep it up!!!


the devil is near by
within one’s mind


wow, that’s some progression in here! :thumbsup:



You’ve made some amazing progress here! Love the colours on the woman (nice subtle hits of blue) and the compostion overall is very nice… great energetic feel about it, like she’s tapping into another dimension or something. Are you still going to keep the tattoo on her body?

Keep up the great work. Can’t wait to see more!



Nice coloring! Your work has really progressed from the last few posts. Keep it up.


WOW! that’s looking very nice man. Nice modeling on the figure.


dude… words just wont do it:bowdown:


wow… thats awsome dude… ive not been looking at the 2d challenge… think i will start having too… :thumbsup:


Your image is beautiful !! :slight_smile: Very beautiful sketch and very beautiful colors!! the character seems to me perfect! Thank you for your message. Me also I wait to see what your job will give!! :bounce:

Good luck


Man, i seriously keep missing this cool pieces. This is awesome dude. I love the idea and concept behind it. The painting is great too. I’ll be checking again. I want to see the finish piece. :thumbsup:



very energetic, i love it:)


WOW…great work!!!:applause:


my goodness…~great anatomy rendering~!absoultely gorgeous and a very potential piece of work~!love it all


awesome anatomy painting!!:thumbsup:


This is an amazing image. When I see the works of people like yourself, Linda(Enayla) and Aly(Poshspice), im just blown away by the quality of the work.

This is a great image so far and im loving the work on the girl imparticular, you have her proprtions and skin tones down to a tee. I cant wait to see how this turns out.


:bounce: sawasdee krub:bounce:
:slight_smile: VERY great work.:applause: It cool.:slight_smile:
:thumbsup: Good luck:thumbsup: