Master and Servant 2D Entry: Thitipon Dicruen


Your painting and detailing skill are exeptional !

I didn’t read all of the posts, so sorry if I’m pointing out something trivial, or already addressed.

I think the character behind the mirror is a bit lost in the details. I think you should
accent him/her a bit more.

No other crits, only that I wish I had your skills :slight_smile:


Hmm out of the previous posts I allways though there was a different character that she’s running to. Now when you added the smashed mirror near her hands (the left one helped me catch this out) that it’s her own reflection. Gave a totally new feel to the image :thumbsup:


perfect :slight_smile: those close up shots r really something! good luck to u!


Too cool, man! just too cool… :buttrock:


like your image! so cool, good luck!


U draw very well. very good colors ! congratulation
I love your ambience.


i like your world:wise: . great…awesome…

keep going! good luck!:thumbsup:


so sorry that i cant give a good suggestion… it looks so perfect to me…:slight_smile:


here is ‘texturing version’.
i think it’s better then previous ‘normal version’.what u think?
comments are wellcome.


first,i thank for all of ur kind supports.and here is the main detail list from my my final image almost got no name.cause i realy know not much about English.(F- as usual)so i need ur help for naming my entry.maybe single or many words or poet or…up to u if u think it should be and please let me know ur reason.thanks in advance. idea on post#66 page5.


vinegaria,NinjaASSN,TeemuR,3dmiao,Farfadet,sl1200…thank u.:slight_smile: good luck to u.
Addiso…thank a lot for us kind suggestiion.i think so.but i realy love it hidden in the’s look dark,deep and mystic to i will do as Paul Davidson suggest.

3dRaven…yeah…there is only one human and her mirror image reflecting her dark-side.the dark wings look like the gate of hell.on it’s peak appear the head of hell guardian(2heads-dog)…:twisted: thank u.
calisto…ha…you are great supporters…thk a lot for being always here. :p:D
everybody:) take care.


emmm i think we have a winner!! :stuck_out_tongue:


I like your style, dude! Very dynamic! Keep it coming!


Thanks for checking out my website buddy. I’ll be updating it soon.

Okay, for the name. I came up with two:


  • It’s in Hebrew mythology (i think it’s also in the bible), about the first wife of Adam who become all evil. She wasn’t made from pure dust, but from mud and something else.

It means an ancient darkess. Since your theme has that feeling of hell about to break loose and darkness has always been here for ages. Relic means old, ancient, etc.

SO that’s the two tittle i came up with for you. Your choice. Goodluck and please put your final image already. I did mine, hehehe.



daadaa…thank u.ha…for me to do my best is enough.:arteest:
wireFrame…thanks.i think i finish it look not very bad for me.haha…:smiley:
Archie…:cry: first,thanks a lot.u r the great supporter,buddy.
i wait and wait for someone who can name my entry.but i guess people r too busy now. so u come first!u r so kind ,mate.:love:
i like both of urs.they are so meaningful.i think i most love the the 1st name,Lilith.because i realy excited in being given name by this name is the 1st impression to me and i never heard it and it’s story before.i actually love mythology.but i know only about Indian, Chinese, Japanese or Thai myths most.and a little West’s too.such Greek and Roman.
Lilith… who become all evil.remind me of Pandora and her box.Hebrew mythology…impressive!!
thank again for always being here.take care.:stuck_out_tongue:
PS.i’ll upload my final image today.and will post the large jpg here.hehe:wip:


congrats on the finish…just as suspected…beautiful piece…


wooow very good work!!!:thumbsup: no critics!!! everything is workin good in it! colours, tex, details…

[color=yellowgreen]my finished [color=yellowgreen]MASTER & SLAVE:[/color][/color]
[color=yellowgreen] [/color]



this for Archie…


amazing as usual , love this new mix!

You’ll win :wink:


and everybody…thanx very much for all ur support.i can’t be here withuot u.:stuck_out_tongue:
wish u the best.:smiley:

btw.finally i finish my final image.but my study projects need to be done before June.
so i can rest only tomorrow for seeing my Jedi :wip:
and keep working till the end of this month.:banghead: :banghead: :banghead: