Master and Servant 2D Entry: Thitipon Dicruen


my GOODNESS. Those colros are FANTASTIC. I mean, I am a very very picky person when it comes to colors and I wouldn’t change even a tiniest detail, tiniest light in this one. Every shadow looks like it has a purpose - I don’t know what to say. sighs with delight Marvelous <3


dominating cool colors… very well defined figure and some hints on the surreal. :thumbsup: from me.


here are details from the normal version.
i’ll try to add more texture next.but if it’s not work i’ll send this version.


Like Have said Solid work! Good Luck and thanks for helping me with my entry.:thumbsup:


more and more detail! im lovin it. great job with the hands man!


BlacKeri and Slav…thank u very 2 u.:slight_smile: :wavey: :love:


Dude, i’m about to take your wacon tablet away :twisted: Just go camp for starwars, hehehe.

LOOKS AWESOME man. Thanks for showing us a close up view. SIIICKNESS :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:



so…how about my detail.think it need more detail or texture?
hungry for ur crits.TIA.


hi …:slight_smile:
beelow…thank u too.:wink:
TheMagnetic…but not finish yet.i plan to do more.:arteest:
Arc80…ha…i’ll go sure, but on 19th…hehe…oops!!

i think we should break talking about the movie before i realy leave cg and go to the theatre.:cool: :banghead:

good luck to u all.:smiley:


Good job, the crystals give me a very good slow motion sensation. And I don’t know what level of detail you want to achieve. In any case, it looks really good, congratulations :buttrock:


Hi Thitipon. First, thanks for dropping by my post again. I am going to finish mine tonight so I too can go to others posts and comment. :slight_smile:
Man, your piece came out just amazing. The detail is sick (in a great way of course). Very masterfully done Thitipon. All the different tones in the skin are amazing. Amazing in the way they all work together without over powering each other or the overall image.
You handled the cracks with dicipline (one can tell you carefully planned each one).
It is blowing me away how you were able to keep control of it all to get this final result.
If you don’t mind, would like to stay in touch with you even after this contest.
Do you have a website?
Ok, will talk with you more later. Again, loved this piece from the first day I saw it. :thumbsup:
Dragon, out.

My Master and Servant 2D enterance:


xric7… that is looking great! Looking forward to seeing the final.


Thitipon, you did very good, hmmm, love the hair you did an amazing job with it, the bit off details of her face that we see are really nice great work. :thumbsup:


Very cool piece. It’s going to be stunning. What I think would add a little, is some reflected light on the under curve of the cheeks (very subtle) to bring it out from the shadow.

Apart from that…very cool



Very nice. I really like her pose. Overall composition is great. Keep it up and good luck:)


It’s an AWESOME WORK!!:eek: :applause: … Since your first sketch you You impress me…it is to me undoubtedly one of my images preferred in this challenge!!:love:

Thanks for your all comments…That’s cool to be encouraged by someone like you!!:bounce: :bounce: :buttrock:. I think that your image look finish, i mean you do not have to add some texture or some details…I find it perfect:thumbsup: .

Good luck man and thank you!


no real crits man, i like the image. her butt is fantastic. fantastic.



hi…:slight_smile: :smiley:
moonspell…hehe…me don’t know too.but i have to do my best till the end.may be i can make it better.
dragondragon…i would like too.:beer: but i don’t have any website for now.:blush: maybe in the future not so long.thank for your kind support.take care.:wavey:
Cregar…thank u.take care.:slight_smile:
arlutik…thanks.and congrats to u.(love ur piece too):applause:

thanx all and best of luck in this challenge.:wip:


Paul Davidson…big thank for ur help,mate.i will do it.take care.
kerembeyit,Fiolka Alexandre,Belhaven…thank u all.take care.
u all so sweet.:love:


i was silently watching the progress of this one and i have to say i’m amazed how beautiful it looks right now… really alive and it’s really hard for me to make people seem alive in my pics so i adore it twice :slight_smile:

great job!