Master and Servant 2D Entry: Thitipon Dicruen


Great Work matey :applause:


good r u?:smiley:

Solothores…big thanks,mate.after i send the final image,i’ll post the large version.take care
nebezial…thank u.whenever i see your Avatar i always imagine to your beautiful ur statue alot. good luck my friend.
Lady Medusa…thank u and congrats:applause: :buttrock: :wip: …u finished the great work!:thumbsup:
good luck to u all.:wavey:

but wait…above my Avatar the words are changed to i know nothings.:curious: u know,guy.someone tell me how to change that word.yeah…nebezial,:bounce: u r world domination,so u have ur own words of ur team!!how can i put the words like that?


Looking more and more gorgeous with every update :>


Fantastic! You’ve got a great hand, & you’ve managed to keep the fluidity & looseness of the concept drawings right through into the final(ish) painting. Design, colour, lighting are all spot-on :thumbsup:


nice butt =)


Magical! :applause:

best regards: Kornél


Very powerful work! Serious skills, wondeful imagination!



Is it a better word for gorgeous ?


this piece is so wonderful man. I just love it! the mood is awesome. It the kind of illustration that you never want to look away from. the detail is not unnecassary and doesnt take away from the characters. I respect this art very much man and think that you should be very confident when you get to the top.


nothing to crit… beautifull and dynamic…:drool: :drool: :drool:


wow ! awesome!
งานเยี่ยมากครับ สุดยอด ศิลปากรบุก โชคดีครับ


you’re an exelent artist:eek:… and now, you’re a poet! :eek: wow… tell me, what kind of human are you? hahaha… Your thread looks AMAZING!!!:buttrock: congratulations matey!!!:thumbsup:


love this one…!! you rock.


hehe, just noticed the poem…here is my contribution to it, like a torn veil between realities
like a finished kickass work:thumbsup:


oh man! this looks amazing!

Great concept as it is, and you painted it so great!
I hope you made it on a high resolution, because i would love to see this in the book :applause:

cheers Kam


stunning image!,love it!


To change words: User CP -> Edit Profile.

Posting close-ups is a good idea! Let us see those details!! :slight_smile:


Bro, stop stalling and just submit your FINAL IMAGE. I know you are done :wink: Just don’t overdo the detailing bro.

cheers :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

btw, i don’t need to camp out for starwars. I have hook ups, MUAHAHAHAHA


nothing inside the mirror.
nothing outside.
outside nothing inside-out.


how about my final coloring?(before texture version)
i adjust color more cyan because i think it has a feeling like deep dark ocean.the devil root is deep inside human mind.
and now i’m try to make the texture for final image.but there are so many details in my i have a problem that my pic looking too complicated!!:arteest:
i’ll show the detail soon.

BlacKeri,'mb,LonTree,kornel,gordonm,spacesnail,TheMagnetic,calisto,i-popba,NOOB!..thank u all.take care.:slight_smile:
monsitj…ขอบคุณครับ เด่ะไทยสู้!! โชคดีเช่นกันครับ
Ducklator…poet?!’s only a kind of stupid words that me who get F- Eng can do:blush: .i can’t make a good Eng-writing so only i can do like that.haha…:stuck_out_tongue:
nebezial…very impressive! thank u.:beer:
Kamjar Fadai…thank u.i realy want to send the hi-res.but i don’t know about the limit of the size that are allowed.
SoniaNotRed…big thank,mate.the details will come soon.

Arc80…haha…i want to see both.oops!i think we should break talking about the movie before i realy leave cg and go to the theatre.:cool: :banghead:

thank for all of ur kind support.u’re so sweet!:love:
good luck to u all.