Master and Servant 2D Entry: Thitipon Dicruen


Hey Thitipon! damn i really dig your style. now for the lil oppinion thing. I’d go for the “I”, its more ballanced and takes less attention away from your great mainscene. Keep on rocking mate!


Mythmaker…thank u.:slight_smile:
spacesnail…me too.thank u.:smiley:
thierry2005…of cause,Rendez-vous on the next challenge.:beer: thank you.
TMArtist…thank for ur suggession.i agreee with u.i will do it.:arteest:
arkinet…thank for ur comment too.:slight_smile:
snowkiwi…thank you.
ogar555…haha…i say yes! it’s true like u pointed.thank you.

take care.:wavey:


hi angel…:smiley:
i agree with u.thanks very muh and good luck to u:) :wavey:


hooohooo! thx for passing by after my comment! it warmed my heart, 'cause people like you are the ones i look up to in the art of… heh… art… :smiley:


Dude! I think I prefer the “i” version… I like how the darkness at the top of the painting ties in with the darkness at the bottom.

Now, if you wouldn’t mind… take a gander at my latest update and help me make a choice on composition? :slight_smile:



hi artj…:smiley:

big thank for ur support.i’ll go for 'I’.
take care.


love your image, i want it in poster in my bedroom, i wish you gave us big resolution of your image!


i like your concept it very nice image mak mak dude sud sud
good luck kub


choptider…yeah…why not? i’ll give as large as i can.thank u.:arteest:

parinya …ขอบคุณครับ ดีใจที่ได้พูดภาษาไทยในนี้ นานๆทีจะมีคนไทยผ่านมา:cry:ดีใจมากจริงๆ ได้เห็นเว็บของคุณแล้ว เจ๋งมากเลยครับ น่าอิจฉาจัง :blush: ทำงานศิลปะได้ตั้งหลายสาขา(มี’ถาปัตฯ ด้วย:love:)ยินดีที่ได้รู้จัก โชคดีนะครับ:)


So you don’t want to raise HELL, because of your break… Oh man, i was going to join you :twisted: such a party poohper, hehehe.

Oh yeah, i prefer the “i”. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :bounce:

cheers dude


Arc80…new Avartar!!?looking more cool!!:cool:would u come 2c Skywalker,Episode III with me?i’m jokink!! our time is draining!!all we have to do is cg!!:arteest: woowoo!!i love cg:drool:
thank for ur support.take care.


Neh wheeh gee ai jah goh wheng ee graahp?" (translation: “Now where did my jaw go when it dropped?” [i])

looks for it
Ok, back at ya! I have this feeling from you that you have such command over the piece! I don’t spot any type of hesitation from your part, that is admirable! Seems you were really sure of what you wanted to do with the piece and where you wanted to go with it. (I should learn to do this more!) :thumbsup:

I prefer the U version because the light makes more sense, but I do like the swirly shape near the smaller light in the I verion. So I say: mix them to see what happens! But If its between U or I, I would go with U.

Lovely piece once again!


Hi, sawasdee krub.
I like the idea and the nice updates.

Cheers! :applause:


oz haver…thank u very much for ur suggestion.i will try to mix them again.i think the better piece will be happened!:buttrock:

chinbig2000…thank u mak mak krub.:slight_smile:
good luck to u all.:love:


Hello my friend great concept and great art…good luck


Hiya, this piece is great! I checked it out a few times before and it really amazed me, I like your concept a lot.
Although I don’t see big differences between the two versions of your latest update, I prefer the U version slightly more, but mixing the two would be a great idea.
Good luck to you


Thanx for popping over to my thread, Man your work is great. I have nothing but praise…no crits here. Colouring is outstanding :thumbsup: goodluck my friend :slight_smile:


dude this is awesome work good luck


dude, I still can’t believe you’re a student…man, I guess I’ll have to go back and start all over again. Great work! Good luck in the challenge!

My M&S:


like a frame of the mystic mirror.
like a hood of the serpent.
like the teeth of the hunger.
like a portrait of the devil.