Master and Servant 2D Entry: Thitipon Dicruen


I’m pretty new to this forum and was just browsing through some of the work here, but I have to say that this is an absolutely stunning image! :eek:

I’m not sure when the voting begins but I wish you the best of luck :slight_smile:

Ruup nee suay tee sud - Chock dee na khrap!


Lee Croudy…sawasdee krab.:slight_smile: thanx 4 ur compliment.:blush: :arteest: realy appreciate it.just wonder u r in Bkk.ur name is seem not thai.anyway nice to meet u here.hope u enjoy MuangThai:beer: .cheers.choke dee na krab.:wip: :buttrock:


555 - Pom yuu tee muang Thai… deh pom mai shai kon Thai na krab :wink:

I have now spent some time looking around the forums… This place is huge - I got lost a couple of times! hehe :wink: There are so many talented people here and I must say it’s good to see a lot of Thai members too. Good luck with the competition!

Yin dee tee dai ruujak meuan kan na khrab.


I really like the final image, its awesome!


Hi Thitipon. Sorry man, I have been so busy lately (I am having a book published soon) that I have not been up here for a few days. Man, I am sure we are all waiting to see who made it and who did not. By the way, need to e-mail you. We need to talk. I promise to do so soon. Again, best to you my friend.
Dragon (Saul), out.

My master and servant:


lol, came to spam a bit… long time not heard of you… still would like to have a poster of your work to pin it up in front of my pc… :slight_smile: see you soon my friend!


Hello Thitipon you are great CG painting. I’m glad to meet you.


hi there,
Global…ha…yea,this is very large 'site,me lost more than 18 times here.there are Eng and Eng every where.and also too many links.but now i’m sure if i stay to the stange forums,i can find the way home.555…anyway wish u get many nice things here and in Thailand.enjoy. :cool: :wavey:

the_mighty_m…thanks.ur work is realy cool too.congratulation on ur finish and good luck to u.:applause: :bounce:

dragondragon…hi, worry, i’m a bit busy too.anway thanks for ur message.good luck on what u doing now.cheers.:smiley:

the1st_angel…lol.thanks for spamming,Sacha. ha…just kidding.After the challenge end,i took many hours for journey around cgtalk.and also found ur 6,000 threads in wip-forum too.realy cool every pieces. hope u’ll finish at least one of them.:arteest: hehe…and anyway i’m glad u like my work to b ur poster.i’ll do something to make it for u.take care,buddy.c us around.cheers.:thumbsup:

dham_ma…thanks a lot for ur compliment:blush: .and for ur very nice works u did .realy want to c u more of ur great works and hope u 'll join the next challenge too
.cheers.:thumbsup: :buttrock:

thanks all.take care.


Very nice and great style. I wanna see your new work!! 5 stars to you.


Hey Buddy Long Time No Posts…where You At?

Just Posted Another Chick…i’m A Busy Man…

Still This Is A Awsome Image


Oh my god…:eek: What have you done? It look so awesome…:eek:



Aint in agreement with the judges. You must have won. This image is one of my favorites. :sad:


Thitipon deserves the first place! :banghead:

you know that you are the best friend:beer:



dham_ma…thanx a lot.ur work is great too.cheers.anyway i’ll do for my website as soon as posible and there i can put my another works not cg also.:arteest:
THE CLYKE…haha…I was around here to travel in many sections.this site is fantastic!!
Wilson_ms2x_87…thanx u.:slight_smile:
Ducklator:blush: thankz for ur support buddy.i’m quite sure i have to win 1st place if there is a kind of spammer
thank u all.take care.:love:


An another time, I’m very disappointed by the results… and for sure, I saw you with a better place… well… all tastes are in the nature… but If I can be sure of one thing, you are very talentuous mate, and I will be very glad to see your next realizations in the future… good continuation Thitipon :wavey:


another time bro, dont be disappointed… :slight_smile:


:scream: Hello xric!! what’s up man?!! it’s my first time to a CGtalk challenge and that was a very good experience for me i’m so exited for the next one…but I am a little disappointed by results.:shrug: … for me your work at least deserved to be in the honourable mentions…it’s just my personnal opinion and juging was certainly an very hard work…so many awesome work!

so see you on the next challenge and maybe in the gallery:)


Thanks Thitipon, sure we did our best, so next time it has to be better; better idea, better concept and better technique, though I think the technical side played the least in the judging, as lot of entries had a fantastic level, yours among them man!

So see you next time!:thumbsup: :slight_smile:


Dude, thanks for the encouragement… and I really thought YOU would get placed in the top ten at least. shrug ah, well… there are sooooo many amazing pieces of art in this challenge that I know they can’t all be winners. But hey, we got to meet some great and talented folks so I really enjoyed this contest. And again let me say how much I LOVE your entry. It rocks, my friend… solid.

Can’t wait for the next one!



I just got to find out that Damir (AIR) got an award… and then noticed that I should search for the results since they seem to have not been sent to me.
That was already disapointing enough. Now I find out that you have not been offered any degree!

To my personal taste your entry was far more comprehensive and carried much more depth then the entry they rewarded the first prize to. The only logical reasoning I could go to is that they either overlooked your entry somehow or thought that your resolution you worked in was not high enough to compair. I thought your entry was the best of this seasons. I hope achieving such an image is enough a reward for you, as it takes a lot to be able to create something such as yours.

Good Luck with everything Thitipon



i was expecting to see it in the top 10 but it seemed the judges were going after certain styles and themes that were more iconic…but i would say urs is more original and stylish than most of the entries and for me that’s what really matters…so keep doing what u like to do and good luck next contest