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Thitipon Dicruen has entered the Master and Servant 2D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Lilith


This is the representation of the “Master And Servant” relationship between human and its’ initial permanent master; all of all evils, whose roots of hell are engrave inside human’s mind and dominates their servants with dark power.

I used the idea of a spider with a butterfly trapped in the web for the overall composition.
Why butterfly and spider?
The idea behind the Butterfly is inspired by ‘The Chaos Theory’. Also the idea of it being a “victim” of a spider who always knit his snare, in comparison to the devil who always whisper inside the human ears, tempting him to fall down in the path of disgrace, and ultimately it’s destruction.

As the main character faces the mirror, it reflect her own dark-side revealing the horrible mirror-image among the weird landscape with the devil’s monsoon that appears in this huge malicious portal, consuming the light above the sky as it spits the massive chains of the devil from within. The detail of the twisted chains contain a large number of her mirror-image which continuously metamorphosis to the devil’s form. The twirling dark portal represent the voice of devil’s temptation.

The character is based on a female impression, but with the muscles that emulates a man. This interpretation signifies the overall human appearance.
As the hair flows like angel wings. It guides to the goodness inside that tries to resist the dark eternity which the mirror-image’s hair represents the horns of Lucifer (another one of my inspiration from Constantine, the movie).
The pose of main character seems to combine with the mirror-image and the shadow around her body connects precisely with the dark shadow of the devil’s side. The devil’s skeletal wings seems to belong to her, but it guides to the truth. Although she tries to refuse her own reflection on the mirror, but there is nothing there. It is all inside herself.

I used a naked body, because I’m not sure that everyone can wear a clothing when you go to hell like Keanu Reeves and I don’t need to identify who she is or how her face looks like. It means that everyone is not that different from others. We keep all the evils inside us.

The cracks of the mirror represents the web of a spider and it also hints the thunder bolt too. It means the fighting inside human’s mind to release from the trap of the dark side.
All the colour scheme has a monochromatic blue tone, signifying the cold, deep, and dark aesthetic quality of the piece. Giving the sense of the bottom of our minds where hell is in deep slumber.

The shape of the mirror-image’s skeletal wings are designed as the form of teeth devouring their prey and looks like the gate of hell. The gate of hell which is designed as Cerberos, the two-head-dog, guardian of hell gate. I created it by the use of two human skulls. One for its upper jaw and another one for the lower jaw. So it look like human eaten by human. Its the fact that human together slay others with their hells inside their mind.

‘Lilith’ is the name of the first spouse of Adam who was created by God using unclean dirt (from Hebrew Mythology. Biblical ref: Isaiah 34:14). She is originally known as a Storm Demon. Well, she is pretty much a good representation of evil.


i thinking of…
something like a web or thunder or broken glass



waht is the idea…? Nice sketching by the way


the sketches look excellent.

for sum reason the thumbnail image on the forum looked like a toilet to me.


devil and servant


That’s really nice looking. I’ll stay tuned to see how you flesh out the rest of it, and what colors you choose. Good luck with it, and nice work!



Looking good so far. Looks a bit like a Michaelangelo sketch.


I like it!! Good sketches, nice movement!


puts on schoolgirl american accent

like oh my god,this is like the greatest sketch ever!


Oooooh…LOVELY drawing! The figure has some real weight to it. It’s awesome! Can’t wait to see this one fleshed out in colour! Keep going, you’ve got my interest now!



excellent sketch…cant wait for the color…


One word for you…




very beautiful draw, i wait the begin of colorization


Very nice sketch :slight_smile: love th epose and the body!!

anyway , I don’t achieve to see how is the relationship between them…
the hteme is master & servant man … but here you must put more visible the diff of power… :slight_smile:
wait colorisation and more precisions :slight_smile:


thank u all :love:


now i have to go to jj


This is really nice! Great interpretation of the forever theme…! :applause:

Nice pose, clear comp …but i would like to see more from the faces!? (like in your first sketches)

keep posting

cheers: Kornél


this is looking fantastic,can’t wait for more.


very cool! :thumbsup:


nice comp man , i really lov ethis angle of view and atmosphere…

But I think something more impressive would be cool , like add some lights more powerful (not more shinny but giving more expression to bodies…)
can’t wait to see next…

and think about commenting others man … you have only 200 views … because you don’t interact…