Master and Servant 2D Entry: Svetlin Velinov


I looking for ya work from the beginning till the end and keep quiet.

Cause I will repeat the AWESOME!! word like everyone, hey man! you make me forget Gerrard Brom for now, Ya work is rocker than him!

Good luck in judging man!




Great scene, dark and tethric. Reminder me the style of the Master Richard Corben. Congratulations for a jewel


very nice color and line svetlin! good luck!


This might be one of the coolest in this contest, great style. I Like the leather nun :slight_smile:


Great image dude :applause: goodluck :slight_smile:


one of my favourite pieces all over the challenge and i’m happy you finnished it that great. congrats on your final piece, and best of luck on the finals, your work simply rocks!


Yes, there is many great images. This challenge contains really great jobs which deserved
to be merit.

Well, we made our job, but I haven’t read anywhere when the challenge going to end. When
starts the voting and ends with final judge. When the final ressolts will be announcement?

So, If someone know something about those questions, please wright me the answers.

Thanks to all competeters in this ghallenge! I think that we all helped each other to make our
entyes much beter through the developmen process of the contest. It was a great pleasure to
be a part from that.

All the best!!!


I heard the voting starts today, won’t be public though, I think I read it in the faq thread somewhere.
So if it starts today I’m guessing winners will be announced within a month or so, I’m really not sure about this though.

If it was up to me, you would be the grand winner:thumbsup: , good luck!


Love your work man, just great stuff. Wish you luck!:thumbsup: :slight_smile:


awesome finish, svetlin. bold composition, great use of colour and attention to detail. i like the tight, clean style.


Thanks Nigel, thank you very much! I’m sorry that I could thanks to everyone personally, but
You’ve got to know that without yours crits and opinions my entry wouldn’t be that what is

Best for judging


Very controversial piece of work, amazing style, congratulations with such great final entry, fantastic!



Stunning design and realization:buttrock:

Seivih si go za6toto mnogo mi haresa a do dnes ne zaneh 4e e twoe:)

You are my favorite for the 2d contest:thumbsup:


Just looked through the whole thread and I must say really impressive, creative and wonderfully rendered! best of Luck. Definitely one of my favs!


I like your style work :slight_smile: Master is very cool !
There’s very successful concord at colors
Congratulations Velinov! :applause: Good luck!


Holy crap!!! when that all is going to finish. Well the judges might be awkwarded with their
choice… :deal:

That’s meat that the challenge was thought and full with many good entries!!! That must make
happy all of us! :thumbsup:

Thanks again for the support that all of you gave me through the challenge. I hope that I
could trust forward for your support in the next challenges!



I’m sad to see that you didn’t get one of the Runner Ups - it’s a great piece, one which I think deserved to be higher than Honourable Mention.


I agree with ArtisticVision, but every challenges keep its part of mystery.
An excellent picture : congrats Mr Velinov.


Your entry was one of my favourites! I don’t know why it didn’t get to the top.