Master and Servant 2D Entry: Svetlin Velinov


Verry good, Velinov! Congratulations on the fine work! You definitely are my favourite on this challange! Good luck, hope to see you as one of the winners! :slight_smile:



I’ve said it before a few times… but i love this image!

Just one question (you’ve probably explained already but i’ve missed it)… why only one Rose…?

The paint ‘finish’ is just great… there’s some real clever details… he’s a big badass dude… and most importantly…

…It’s got a foxy nun!! Woohoo!!

Good luck in the judging Svetlin!!


duddlebug - The rose is metaphor which personified the love of the death to the nun. His
love is so fragille and pure like that only rose. He love her but he don’t know how to
make her love him, too. He is one rigorous master who doesn’t know how to keep the
love of his beloved. He knows only that he won’t have another chance to love someone.

About the rose. Why one?
Well, Maybe thit is the last one.
He is concerned about the rose or he is going to snap the nun.
Where is the balance between love and hate. Is he hate the nun in his love.
Is it possible to be with her anyway? The personality of the death is bifurcate and
fulled with pain. But she still sits on his thigh.

FPrint - thatnk for the nice words!!! All in the hands of the judges. :thumbsup:



! ! ! ! ! !

Whee! I so love this! It turned out precisely like it should have - I can’t imagine you having anything more to add to this, it’s flawless. Best of luck in the competition, I’m rooting for you :smiley:


This image turned out every bit as fantastic as I hoped it would. I love the single rose you have in the corner and your nun is done in a tasteful way while still being sexy. Very rare in CGtalk!..

Good luck! :slight_smile:


no real crits, looking good! i want that nun for myself.


One of my all time favorites: realistic and stylish at the same time, this is not something everybody can do. Truly masterful. Bravo! :thumbsup:
Just a little thing, not artistic or technical though: you’ve posted this as your Final Coloring, not your Final Image, so you may not have completed all the steps of the challenge. I don’t know if it’s on purpose or if you plan to post a Final Image later (if that’s the case, I apologize), but I thought I’d tell you, just in case. I’d hate this awesome piece of art not to be judged just because of a missed step :smiley:


I still hope to see some blue color in the sky, to make some contrast with the lower part of the image, but despite of that I really really love ur pic!


svetlio, once again, i’d like to express my admiration for your talent and creativity! wish you all the best! :thumbsup:


This has turned out fabulous(just as I thought…Damn!:rolleyes:) This is one of my favourite pieces, I love your rendering style, very pleasing to the eye.

Congratulations on a very tasty piece of art!



Spider webs are a nice touch


Thanks to everyone for the suport.



This is outrageous. I adore it. I think the boots should win. Much good luck with it.



Thank you very much Crowley. :thumbsup: I have really missed that I haven’t upload my final image, yet. Thank also for the nice describing of my challange entry. I wish you all the best. Good luck!!! :slight_smile:



Congratulations on a stunning bit of art.

Good luck



That’s looking great, I love your painting style and composition.


Congrats on your finish. It’s a wonderful image. Hope to see more of your work around. Good luck and best wishes.


great pic, with an amazing anbiance, good work and good luck for the end


im a fan of your style man, truly amazing!!!:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


Congrats on a stylish piece, Velinov! :slight_smile: