Master and Servant 2D Entry: Svetlin Velinov


So, That’s It! :slight_smile: This is my final image. I’ve made a few color corrections and I hope that the image looks a bit better now. I wishing good luck to everyone!!!


Congrats man, it’s trully my favorite in this challange! Good luck to you to!


Congratulations, and good luck for judging.



Congratulations for finishing a wonderful piece, good luck!!


Very nice artwork you have here my friend, there are very nice details here both in the caracters and in the background…good luck


Thank You very much, guys. :thumbsup: The judges going to be tough to judge so meny wonderful works.
I thinik that cg’s challange Master and Servant was one of the best and strongest competition
since forum’s competition were found. :buttrock:

Good luck to all of you…



Superb image. Excellent idea. Good luck


This is a really strong peice of work. It makes me want to cry. I love the clarity of the style. It is a good balence between graphic punchyness and realism.


Great finish, Svetlin - this is definately one of my favourites! All the best in the judging.


Great details, love the spider! : ) Stunning as usual! It was great to see your progress.


amazing work man~ congrats! :thumbsup:




Hi Velinov all my congratulations for your final in a pure style
comics, which you controls with wonder. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Too bad your all the way on the other side of the planet for me man! I wish I could shake your hand and show your my admiration! congrats on finishing this beautiful masterpiece. It is seriously one of the most compelling paintings that I ve seen. talk to you later man


good luck :thumbsup:Rulez!!


Your defintely one of my favorites to win. I really like your final image.


Great Job, Many applause to you. Good Luck!:thumbsup:


yeey finished! You did a awesome job!
your painting is just so stylish. Really cool!

Good luck mate!


Great additions!! :thumbsup: The spider’s webs add much environment at your picture…A very nice picture!One of my favorites!! Good work!:eek:

Good luck for the challenge.


excellent idea and painting.:thumbsup: :thumbsup:
:applause: :buttrock: :wip: