Master and Servant 2D Entry: Svetlin Velinov


Yes, it is :slight_smile: That was the idea. I’m happy that even on this level of drawing it is obvious that the cannonball is as big as her sins. :buttrock:


Geat dinamics on the sketch, very powerfull. the guy looks a little like doctor doom (maybe because of the coat and the chain) be carefull not to get the colors alike or it will resemble him a lot. looking forward for color.


Looks fantastic…

And…um…er… the nun looks very nice. What a lovely scythe.

I’m gonna keep on looking in here… f’sure…

(And i just wanted to add that i really liked ‘DancingBlade’, particularly the mark-making and style… i’ll be interested to see how you approach colour on this image)



This is my final sketch. Hire comes the lovely part…color:)


Love it. Great concept, and I really like your lines - the angular style reminds me a bit of Kev O’Neil. Plus, you can see her pants!

Looking forward to seeing how this turns out!


Wow. I like your sketch art. Not so shure about the switching of the of the direction she is sitting in. I kind of like the flow when she was facing out but you know go with what works for you.


This sketch is going pretty good. I can’t wait to see some color added to it.


lovely artwork

finish finish finish,colour colour colour!!



Oi, Velinov, extremely good sketch you got there! :slight_smile:

I can’t wait to see the colors now…


Very, very tasty! This is coming along very nicely. I’m definately diggin’ those crazy boots!

Keep it up!


I hope that you will thing the same when I post some colors here. Thanks for encouraging words.



strong composition!!

I like it a lot, and strong lines too…i will a pleasure see it with color!

Keep the good work

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Amazing! The whole idea isn´t new, I mean “monster”-master and human servant, but the fact that your master is death and your servant is a nun, this contrast is just amazing! Amazing! Amazing! I kinda like it so much. What I like too is his bone-feet and his long cigarette. Just enjoying this. My fav thus far (after my own idea of yourse:twisted: )

Oh boy this is gonna be COMPETITION!!! I´m freaked! Keep em coming man!


I am looking forward to see your work when finish.
good luck!


Oh yes, I am definately subscribing to this thread!
Great sketchs so far; can’t wait to see some color.


I love how that long scythe blade just cuts through the composition. Ouchies! Eagerly waiting the colorness!


That’s Death? I thought it was Hunter S. Thompson or maybe the Devil. I could see either of them with a goat head throne, but Death is kind of a bore. The boots and the cigarette holder are badass! Love it. :twisted:


Wow, I’m really liking this! Very cool idea. Never thought about sticking a nun and Death together… And I must say that’s the sexiest nun I’ve ever seen lol.

My only comment is that I couldn’t really tell what the nun was doing right away. The scythe didn’t read a scythe until I looked closer and thought about it. I think it’s because the handle is hidden behind everything… This may all work a lot better in color, though…

Can’t wait to see it finished up!


I like the concept but don’t think it needs the panty shot. You’ve got a great design, spot on draftsmanship and an interesting composition but the panty shot - in this context- kind of cheapens the concept for me.


dude, the nun’s cross is upside down!