Master and Servant 2D Entry: Svetlin Velinov


Looks great! Rose is a nice tough. Might want to consider making Death’s hand a different color than the background, though.


hmmmm, i think the image is lighter much lighter since i last time looked at it. i prefered the darkewr version, since that, harder contrasts, help the athmosphere. to separate on a darker environment, death from his trone, a simple backlight might do it. since the whole light is warm, a working separation separationcolor would be in the cyan area. hope that made sense. Keep it up svetlin, looking forward to your next update :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Fantastic, powerful image. something to be proud of :thumbsup:


I just want to say you that it’s a amazing picture! I love it!! very very good job…caracters look simply perfect and nothing to say for thr background!

Just :applause:

Good luck


damn. that’s great. i’ve nothing more to say here, except that i really, really love it.


lovely style.


hahaha! this is a great entry! he looks like he telling some weird stuff while gesticulating with his left arm… and that “welcome” doormat is just brilliant! love it! :applause:


this is great , man !
amazing technique az usual :buttrock:

jestoko e bratle otne mi i poslednata kapka nadejda :cry:

shte cherpish za novoto pc :beer:


Great image! I just think that u could balance tha composition of colrs a bit. I know that u r not finished yet, but Im curious what will the sky looked like? What colors will be in the upper part of the pic? Right now its a bit unstable in my opinion coz of heavy red carpet in the bottom and the same colour scheme on the death as well as the sky. I hope I make some sense :slight_smile: Otherwise ignore me… hehe… the pic looks fantastic!


very clean, accomplished technique! :applause:

i cant help thinking you could do something more with the background - you cant really make out what it is exactly, a wall? maybe you could come up with something knock-out for that? not necessarily too different just better defined (tortured hanging?? or something). sweet image dude :buttrock:


Great idea - amazing incarnation! Incredible detailization! :buttrock:

Viarvam, 4e 6te spe4eli6 :wink:


Thansk everyone for the nice words, and for the support that you gave me through all the challange. :thumbsup: The end of the M&S is near and I hope that my next update might be the last one and it could be competitive to the other top threads. Some of you had give me an advise.
Most of the changes I have made was in a reason of your critiques. Thank you once again,
to all of you!!! :slight_smile:

Wait for my next update. Maybe the last coloring wip, or who knows, might be the final image.



the chances are pretty good IMO :slight_smile:


Hi all. This is my last update in WIP section. The next entry is going to be the final image. So, I don’t have nothing more to say. Just thanks for the support and I hope that you will enjoy the detail picture I have attached.



It’s like sweet dude! :thumbsup: Very nice, congratulations on this fine work! Good luck to you!


Big daddy death, awesome Good luck


wow man…every time i come here I am blown away. This is insane the amount of detail that this guy has and none of it is unnecassary. I think that this is going to be the winning piece. if not then its a damn shame. watch. one of those turbo poster’s is gonna take it that just gets their post count up with the same 3 lines. sike. you got this man. good work!


Wow… amazing work! :eek:


that’s a nice work , l like it very much ,i appreciate your atmoshpere that you creat :} i will eye on compositon later . i wannt to be friend with you .i come form shanghai china ,if you have interest ,please email me .my email is}


ok, that is the one i love, and i talk about it to my friends.
that is a funny image to describe, lot of person want to see that strange duo.