Master and Servant 2D Entry: Svetlin Velinov


this is looking VERY GOOD! :applause:
i dont know where you should put it, but i imagine a crow standing over her would look great. get the crow to pose like they do when another is eating something they want [looking aggressive], if that makes any sense.
wel done buddy! :thumbsup:


:buttrock: Very powerfully


perfect details:slight_smile: :thumbsup: perfect coloring…


Yo wats up man! O.My.God. I feel like a @!$#ing fan boy looking at your entry! your concept is sick! lines are even sicker, but your colors are the sickest! yours and prostate sunrise’s entries were the first ones that I saw and I knew right then I wouldnt be up against pranksters. so im gonna try to keep up with your skill! hope you get to the top and I hope I see you up there. If there was a bowing emoticon it would be here>…Talk to you later!!


I just want to said, Wow…this is professional artwork. Each part of the picture was painted with depth skills and very details. Cool man, I love it so much!


dude i cant get enough of this… its just so good. I love the concept. I saw another guys who was going for some thing like this but I know that when he sees your hes gonna cry. I reconcepted my entry, will you crit me?


hey man thanks for the crit! Ya I have formed my style to curtail to the comic industry. thats the next step after this. Ya i am sad to let that other concept go but I think that Ill stand a better chance of making it near ot the top with a kosher topic. its so bland and un epic compared to the devil one. any way just wanted to come say thanks for the crit


Dude, I am in love with the concept, of a Nun as the servant. lol Damn good concept


nice piece man!


your insane!!..arhhh…thats so cool!:eek: :thumbsup:


Great stuff you got here man…I like those hard edge shadows very much


Very nice indeed, love your style, and great choice of pallette. Cant wait to see the finished piece!
Good luck


Hi Svetlin,
awesome work! Your idea, technique and compo are really excellent…
I guess you wouldn’t get too much crits to get even better, huh?

Keep up the good work,
:slight_smile: <- Lutz


You are great mate, incredible image. And good luck for the challenge


This is un belated update. I’ve made some color corections and I belive that the death is separated from the throne now. I’ve put one rose - white as you see. Gues why. I love those bushes and I thing that they are one of the greatest element in the image.

Thangs for the suport up to now.
The end of the challange is near, so it going to be interesting what is going to hapend…



If i were you , I will upload final tiff image and enjoy!!!
simply amazing!!! very great !


gorgeous, the little details :eek: :slight_smile:


Wow. Just… wow. I cannot tell you how much I sincerely love this image, Svetlin. It’s dark and yet fun, there are so many individual touches that really make it stand out for me, not to mention your gorgeous painting style. It’s so hard to pick one piece as a winner from all these amazing artworks, but I think this one would get my vote by a hairs breadth, simply because it makes me smile and catch my breath every time I look at it. That must really sound like I’m brown nosing, heh heh heh, but honestly, it’s reverence, this image has inspired me beyond words. Best pf luck in the judging, I really hope it gets recognition.

And I agree with you about the rose bushes. But my fave part beyond all other is the cowboy boots. That’s just genius!


Hi Svetlin!

Really like your image as a composition, and really great execution! One thing I noticed is that the crow on his shoulder makes that area a little stuffy, maybe you could place it elsewhere? Just a thought,…but a good one :)…just kidding




:thumbsup: King!

cheers: Kornél