Master and Servant 2D Entry: Svetlin Velinov


Hello, Really for your painting, returned painting and comics I like much congratulation, cheer the artist.
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I love the image, the composition, the character design the gestures etc. but I wish there was more colour variation in each element. The robe, the dress, the throne, the BG, the scythe etc… they’re all so monocromatic. Adding more colour variation to these elements (the entire piece really) will bring it to life.

Great stuff so far though!!!

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mind blowing piece!:eek: with crazy amount of details.i’m really sad when i cant do something like this~:sad:
definitely one of my favourite artist in cgcommunity:)


i like it alot, very original idea/positioning, there is quite a lack of originality in this compitition, and you are definitaly doing well to create something different, with a new idea…good job, i like it


This is excellent…nothing beats a good ol’ paint on ur cheasel…very nice pallete and going very strong…im keeping an eye on this!!


Sweet detailing. I love the subtile way you handle lightning most ballanced and even touching in most decent reflexec. smove, funky fresh creation. keep on goin:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Really nice colours. Absolutely give back the impression. Go ahead.:thumbsup:


excellent work man!
i like the overall texture of the image and intensity of the characters. i hope you dont find this offensive, but i think you have made some big leap from your previous works. i did like your previous works, but this is far more strong and involved, i feel that you are bringing your true potential into this picture. it would be very wrong not to mention that the character designs are fantastic


Awesome! Great concept and execution. Look forward to seeing more. :thumbsup:


holy submission!
This is wonderful.
Isn’t it funny how the best artists also always seem to have the best concepts? I love the idea.

Why don’t you have a website yet? No artist like you should be without one.


Ok… before I post how much I like this piece (purely for the layers of humour that go with it)… I just want to take this oppurtunity to completely lose it and shout ARRRRRRGGHH!! :banghead: “CHALLENGE HAS ONE ‘A’ NOT TWO… arrghhhh!!! lol arrgghhh!!”

All those that spell challenge as challange are evil and hate small bunnies!!:cry:… ok… :rolleyes: all done:D .

Right… back to the pic… this rocks… I love the Hannibal from the A-Team look that Death has… Can see some people being slightly offended by the bondage-nun… but let’s just hope that those people aint judging lol :smiley: . Also… I let out a tiny lol when I saw the “Welcome” sign on the mat… hehe!

Great piece…


?Why I don’t hava a web site? I think that you are wrong or just not enough curious or observant. Especialy for you I’ll show you the link where you can find some of my art. :slight_smile:



grat details. very clean!:slight_smile:


i have no idea why i didn’t see it. Strange. Well, thank god that you do have a website. So much nice work to see. Thanks also for the article that you had written for cgnetworks. It’s great.


Hello Svetlin ,

i like your image VERY MUCH !!
I really hope to become as skilled as you are by practicing A LOT !!
People like you ( and they are all over the place here…on GCTalk ) teach so much to the newbies like me …

Bye !


come on, show us more progress! :bounce:


dude, what an incredible entry. I can’t wait to see the final version.

did you use photo ref for the fabric folds?


What to say… I had to reply because it’s a so good work. Impatient to see it finished.


OH MY GOD!!! The work is really magnificent, the concept is so much
different from the most on this contest, I’m greatly impressed!
But… I think that the nun must sit a little dipper on death’s lap,
and there is something wrong with her head…perhaps it’s too long.
Everything else is perfect! :applause:


Thank you so much . It’s really nice to heard such a nice words about your own work. In the
challenge has entered great competitors and the level of art has increased to the unbelievable
height… :slight_smile: I know that in such a surroundings context of the challenge I must make my next
step very precisely. For my pity I don’t have my all time to develop my entry, but you’ve got
to know that when it is some updates you’ll know it!!!

I’ve got to answer to amishcommy did I used some references.
Well… The answer i totally no!!!

I have to thanks once again for all the support and crits that makes my entry each time better
then before. Keep judging me and I’ll take all your advises to do of my best. :thumbsup: