Master and Servant 2D Entry: Svetlin Velinov


Zdravey, Svetlin. Wow. very nice drawing and painting! :thumbsup:


Very nice work Svetlin. The perspective on the olde english letters on the rug is insane. Everything is very well done here.


Nice style, and no problem with the background cause the image is great


Your work is great and I think it’s one of the best (if not even the best of all) in the challenge. Good luck!


The rose bush was a good call. Nice addition. Totally dig your rendering style. Those boots are great!


Hello, can you tell me why is the sceleton so fat?
…but looks great…


Svetlin… You got a JAW dropping works here.

:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:


Svetlin… You got a JAW dropping works here.


excellent work… i love this… what can u add to the backgroudn tho it seems rather left out


this looks freakin’ cool!
I love the detailing. And the Carpet is just fantastic.

rock on! :applause:


wow that’s amazing… love the style and the character design


Really nice details! The new place of raven is much better!!!

cheers: Kornél


me too to be honest…damn fine work! all the same though :smiley:


Great work! I love your shading!

Your in my list, boy… :smiley:



but the chains under the master is, i guess, getting to much light?


Those little additions you’ve added are a nice touch, the thorny rose vines give a better sense of framing the image, and the crow is a curiosity, goes well with the whole death image. Will you be adding the word SIN onto the ball at the bottom? I just thought that told you more of what was going on, that she wasn’t there just for death’s personal kicks, that she deserved to be there. whether you do or don’t this image is still breath taking. And I think you’re right to leave the background blank, the main characters are so strong and tell their story as is, so you’d probably just distract from them with any kind of detailed back ground. Of all the pieces I’ve looked at, this ranks in my top two or three for subject and style, and it’s always the first one I tell people to look at when they ask.


Thanks a lot, Zepyhri. There are people which doesn’t fully understand my idea, but you’ve
got it!!! :thumbsup: There is no sense to distract the attention of the viewer with some elements
added in the background or foreground. This wll be useless, because this could distract the
viewers attention from the right direction of my idea, especially the fight between good and
evil, innocence and lust, righteousness and the yield to temptation of sin. In that meaning
everyone is good “Welcome” to sit right to death’s throne and to whet his scythe for



absolutely breathtaking Svetlin - I have a feeling you’ll end up pretty much among the very best in this challenge :slight_smile:


I really liked your thought and it’s reflection with your work. Especially gold patterns and wellcome text on doormat either had been brightly thought and applied to work skilfully.
Keep up good work good luck pal . . .


Awesome work! I love your painting style, it is very smooth and crisp and at the same time painterly and suggestive. I think you have a good ballance between the detailed areas of the image and the less focused areas. I’ve got no real suggestions … your characer and composition are already great. Alexi.