Master and Servant 2D Entry: Svetlin Velinov


What about few more flying crows which are trying to reach the throne?:smiley:


Hi. I think that it isn’t necessary to put more crows. My argument is my next upload where you
could find the answer of my decision. I hope that you will find the gold element more detailed
then my last update. You will find and some more elements in the composition whitch in my
opinion makes the image more completed and nire to the final view of my challange entry.



Hire is the promised upload:)


…and some details…


Looking great, Velinov…

I love the crisp colours and the details your adding. I’m not 100% convinced on the positioning on the crow. I wasn’t sure when it was up on the horns, either… I think the crow was a good addition though… have you tried it in other places…?

Really good stuff.


Oh yes!!! Duddlebug, I’ve tryed so many diferent places for this pure bird and I saw that her
place is only on death’s sholder or nowhere else.


Love the new crisp look too…and about the crow as duddlebug said…also I think that its head is in an unnatural position…but overall the portrait just rocks !


Maybe I must try some diferent pose of those creature. Maybe then I’ll find bird’s right place!!!


Amazing work ! keep it up :bounce:


Brilliant, from sketch to end…
The only thing I could have doubts about is the skin color of the nun. Or really the shadowcolor. It seems to brownish and black, maybe a slightly hue towards pink or blue (depending on the color of the light) could do it, and a teeny bit brightness. I think she would become more vivid and naked(=bare) with this. I don’t know if she’s intended to be that naked and innocent, but since she is the servant…

Otherwise I just agree with the latter 15 pages of awe. You are a visual genius!


looks good,i don’t know about the shadow the crow is casting,i don’t think that red tint works well.


@Velinov … That is an amazing amount of detail… I hope there is a tutorial in all this…hehe I have no crits because am just gobsmacked by your talent.

I hope you can come and give me some pointers…:smiley:


Heh! Up with big-breasted nuns!

One thing gets me, though. The design on his left boot appears rotated too far in the viewer’s direction. With the position of his boot I’d expect it to be more in profile, like the actual foot portion of the boot. Every time I look at this picture my eyes are drawn to it, although I think that’s a measure of how good your artwork is when such a small thing can bug me so much! :smiley:


i love it so far. there is an amazing amount of detail! look at those boots.

…what resolution are you working at? id like to have an idea of where i should be going with mine size wise.


One of the conditions of this challange is that images under 300dpi should not be permited to enter the contest. So I’m working on 300 dpi.


masterpiece! i’m watching you !
kutreto na smyrtta neshto e obyrkano… no ina4e stava strahotno! :wink: telta e dobro reshenie:) mislish li da q napravish bodliva?


sorry, i meant to ask what is the size of your file? height by width in pixels, inches etc…


simply awesome dude. personally, i really appreciate water color coz I used to do a lot of watercolor painting(traditional) before. just like what they said, simply wow!!


I like the idea of having little or no backgrounds… I get bogged down with meaningless detail that ends up detracting from the characters. Although I love the barbed wire… if anything, maybe you could have faint shapes of more barbed wire fading of into the distance behind them (it might make the background a little more interesting without distracting the viewer??) anyway, this is an excellent piece of art and is far from my critique. :slight_smile:


It is looking better and better. I like the new position of the bird. The nun has a perfect expression. Good work on the welcome mat. Looks fab :smiley: Good luck!