Master and Servant 2D Entry: Svetlin Velinov


Svetlin - Everytime I look at this I am astounded! It just gets better with each update. :slight_smile: One thing, are you going to remove the black like round Death’s outstretched hand?


Hi there. Ive been watching this and its a grea image. The colour scheme works really well and the concept is very nice as well. Poor girl, I wonder what else he gets her to do?

I was wondering i fyou where going to add anything to the background? A Land scape or something?
Just a thought!


hey there… i am really liking where this image is going but i must say that the skin tone of the “death” character is to simmilar to the background i think it would be nice to see it stand out a bit more or something of the sort.


so far so good i am really liking this one.
best of luck to you.


I couldn’t give right answer all of your questions, but because almost everyone has asked me
about the bg I’ll say that I still don’t know what to do with that void. The decision will be
taken through the development process. I’ll be happy if someone could give me some ideas.
I change the place and size of the crow. You’ll find out that very soon…

To PoshSpice: : I had started from a sketch, so if thete is some black stroke that I haven’t
erased or painted above that will happen at the end. Thank You “Spicy”!!! You are good as


Hey, I really love your style and technics.:eek::eek:


Good concept and good implementation, i should say. The nun illustrates something pure, more holy. But, despite that, a nun is still a human which is still controlled by sin(illustrated by the skull creature sitting on the chair). Good lightning, overall, COOL!


Hi Svetlin
Excellent work. It is going better every time I see it. About the background I think it dont need anything else. The compositon has enough strenght in the character. Anyway is not bad to think abouit it. Who knows what good idea might come! Congratulations!


Wow, this is looking really good! The crow was a nice touch, I agree. I also like the “welcome” text on his rug. Very funny :slight_smile:


i agree…

you should add some background…
…this is my favorite.


It’s wonderfull like always! It’s finished ?


AMAZING WORK!! I love it! he’s great !! GOOD LUCK!!

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this is simply RAD. I’m love’n it.


Wow! You’ll go really far. There’s not much to critique here… I like everything, the subdued colors, the composition and especially the characters. Very interesting work! Good luck to you!


Ass-pattin’ aside, this is one stellar piece built on so many layers. I almost wish he had a beer cozy and a remote to pull it all on a total coach potato level. Again - stellar!


You are an inspiration. This is a great entry!


Too damn cool! I can’t stop thinking about this image. The nun is hot and the demon is great, especially the cowboy boots. The crow is a really cool addition as well. My only crit is that the main character needs to be a different color than the background. Thats just a personal opinion though so take it for what its worth. Epic entry so far.


Excellent artwork, I really like the details (like the crow, the boots…) and colors. Cool characters.
Maybe you can add more elements in the background and create a better atmosphere.
Keep going.

Master and Servant
Leo Calv


Hei man…
great great work. Fantastic idea.
I love the image. The characters are fantastic.
The cowboy boots… wow… the ‘welcome’ carpet … wow… what a fantastic work!!

To me, is the best, until now.

Keep going.



sigh It rocks so hard! Fantastic in every detail :slight_smile: I especially love the golden elements, so detailed and such great quality! :o