Master and Servant 2D Entry: Svetlin Velinov


Dude, I´m loving this so much!:thumbsup:

peace, pete


Fabulous, fabulous work, as ever! Love the marble like steps, very subtle and very cool. Guess I’m gonna have to up my game!

Keep it up!


nice coloring. The crow is a good element to add to the piece.


Absoluten favorit! Narital si im dupencata na vsichki ! Gordost!


Really love where this has gone… you have a great style (comic book-ish, yet very painterly). I like the revisions to the nun and scyth you’ve made since I visited last. Great decision making. You gotta be close to getting finished, yes?

I’ll check back later for updates. Cheers!


i see a big metal/stone ball…are you planning to put chains or something?

great job! :slight_smile:


Beautiful work! I havent checked your progress in a while. The colours look amazing and the shading is just perfect. I wanted to comment also on the text on the alter. As a graphic designer I must say your typography is very well established. Assuming you are not a graphic designer, I find that a lot of illustrators are playing with fire when trying to use text in their work and you did a great job on that :thumbsup:


Wow this is looking amazing, very nice work. :thumbsup:


I think that black areas are too many and too strong and look dry. You’ve lost some of the freshness of the colors and textures beneath them. :slight_smile:


ur details are great now… they look so realistic. i love this piece.

what are u going to have in the backgroudn tho?? i think thats lacking atm


Thank you once again for the suport. Especially to AirbORn that he gave me such a big valuation about my designers skills. I was really working at adv. agancy for a while.



yo’ve got some serious colouring skills. simply beautifull!


Man! your really good dude!

great style and detail. :thumbsup:


Nice work man, really effective. Although it is a slutty nun (tut-tut), I get the concept and it works, nice juxtaposition. A nun would hopefully preserve life rather than take it.

And the master servant message is loud and clear!


Solid!!! :buttrock:Can’t say anything.


Wow! pretty damn nice! Good decision on the crow, it really helps your composition a lot and five your piece more life to it.


Just checking back…

VERY NICE. I really like the addition of the crow.
What are your plans for a background? You could really enhance the mood you have with a nice understated b/g.


great work!!!:applause: :applause:


this is one of my favs… nothing to crit… but are you going to do more to the backgroudn… it is great as it is but just wondeeering


Very nice and cool paint style Svetlin, something of Simon Bisley in your brush strokes,

Well done, congratullations