Master and Servant 2D Entry: Svetlin Velinov


There’s one of my favorites! Can’t wait to see your final work!


Wow, i follow your work is very well done, is my favorite one (after mine) :smiley:


yeah :slight_smile: that’s it - one really hard used scythe … remember what i say about Death in the Pratchet storyes… i’m wondering how far you will go with this picture …can’t wait to see the final image! :bounce:
Good luck!


Very nice composition, I like t he details that are coming out in the coloring. The perspective on the scythe is nice.
The welcome mat is classes, as is the cigarrette.
The background looks a little plain though, wonder if you’re gonna add something there.


Looking great man! solid as a huge rock. Love the look on the Master and how you render him.


Glad you fixed the scythe, looks perfect now. :slight_smile:

I guess adding some depth to the background will make the piece even more powerful.
Keep up the excellent work! :slight_smile:


This is some great art, I love every bit of this piece, Lighting ,shading, the whole ball of wax!
I have One suggestion for you to consider,If you have her sharpening the blade , maybe have some sparks coming off the edge. ( just an Idea)
Great work.


This thread has to be in my top favourite three for the 2D challenge. This has to be the coolest rendition of the Grim Reaper I have ever seen… and thats before I even start on your mastery of composition, tone, hue and value. I could wither away in jealousy at the degree of texture you’ve created in the background, and the wonderful way you’ve handled all the various textures in the characters and their clothing. Damn… I’m in love with those cowboy boots.

Everytime I come back to this image, I find something else that makes me go “man, thats genius”, from the way you’ve angled the scythe, to the bounce of reflected light on the front of the nun’s headpiece, to the way her shoe is partially hidden in his robes. I can’t find anything to crit on this piece at all, just keep going the way you’ve been heading. And if this doesn’t win some kind of prize, I’ll cry. Consider me subscribed.


I am loving this piece, I don’t have any crits and I don’t think I can say anything positive that someone else hasn’t already said. Just keep going, you know what you’re doing. Just wanted to let you know one more person is digging your stuff. :bowdown:


I like how you’ve made the scythe handle more visible, and such - but must say I kinda preferred the nun’s expression from the previous update. She looks a tad too pious in the latest update… Also, I think the arm holding the scythe needs a little fixing.

I’m loving this piece so far, though - looking forward for more!


wonderful stuff~i’m saying,u are gonna be one of the winner if i’m the judge~this is definitely one of the best entry!


WOW. Thank you very much. Those words really makes me happy. I Made the changes to my
entry on account of your crits. I’m glad that you like the result, but this is not the and I hope
that you will continue to work with me on the development of the image. I could miss
someone to thank him personally that’s why thanks to all of you. My next update is on
the way out, so see ya soon…:thumbsup:


Amazing work!!! Great characters and a awesome style. Good luck :thumbsup:


Another one development level of creating the image. :)I decide to drow one ugly bird on the top of the throne for more dramatic feeling. The crow is definetely good choice!!!

Some details:


This is really great ! An amazing piece of painting !

There is no reason to, but I’ll try to make a little crit here :
maybe you could add more contrast to the scene, by thickening the shadows or reinforcing the lighting effect. It could emphasize the dramatic feeling of the composition…
Not sure…

Good Luck !:thumbsup:


Hi Svetlin,

great update, as always!
Only thing: the Death’s left hand loking more “fleshy” than the other “bony” right hand…?

cheers: Kornél


the bird looks a bit out of place ,at this stage anyways…I’d
try to make it a bit smaller and put it on the lower branch in the
center of the pic, just above the cigarette and see how it looks


Coming along GREAT, man. I LUUUUV… the nun’s costume.Sorry for my ignorance, but is there going to b anything happening on the top right of the piece ?
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I was in love with the lineart and was thinking if colors would take the strenght of this piece away, but man… you got it :scream: . It’s getting better and better and i´m following this one, that’s for sure !
When is the next update?? :love:


It’s a lot better now :slight_smile: Nice details !!! Anyway I have to say (and it’s more obvious know that you’ve add details to the master), that the girl anatomy is not as real as the master… She looks more cartoony on some areas (knees, breasts…), perhaps that’s something you’ll fix later, but I think it was important…

Anyway tha blade is know very cool, the skullhead on the chair also :slight_smile: Great work, and it’s nice to share lot’s of steps :slight_smile: