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stephen schirle has entered the Master and Servant 2D.

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small update,

thanks for the crits everyone, very helpful


ack, getting started late it seems, you people are QUICK! anyways heres alittle scribble of some idea thats playing through my head… more on that idea later.


Playing with the idea of Who is really in control here? who’s the submissive and who’s the master? this one appears to be the snakes in control, but who knows? its medusa… this could be one of her dirt little tricks…


I like the theme of the snakes vs the medusa, but I guess tis picture will need high emotion expression on the face to bring out the “Master and Servant” theme. Will be watching you progress :slight_smile:

My Master and Servant Entry


Wow, I’m really impressed by your sketches : great flow, great expression, and good sense of anatomy !
The idea of somebody possessed and controlled by an invisible master is simply one of the best idea around here.
So I’ll watch your thread with interest.
Keep it up !


this looks excellent,but i must warn u sumone has aleady done medusa…and a very similar type of composition.


Hey nice sketches there!!!Good luck and fun 2 U


Ok i roughed in the background and a face, just to get a feel for composition/emotion(will probably still play with that). now i need to start realizing some of the shapes more, figure out what things are and play with the readabilty with a few things.

thanks for the comments guys :slight_smile:

Noob: I dont think i’ve seen it yet, but im sure there will be alittle overlap with this many contestants and this theme inparticular. I think i found an original story to go along with and feel comfortable enough with it to not worry about it being similar to someone elses…


hey stephen, cool pics. I like how the snake is the anchor point for her in the back of her head, disturbing. My only suggestion would be to maybe break up the rhythm of her snake tail a little bit. Whats that basketball for haha…anyways, the face looks awesome, cant wait to see it painted up.


Went kinda slow today, just blocked in some background elements alittle more, still tweaking things here and there… i want to add some jewlery to medusa, add mabye some weapons or armor scattered around the ground… it all looks alittle distracting right now, but should fall back when i start to add value/colors.

thanks jerry!


looking forward to this one mate, love the sketch work, just blocking in that small portion of the chicks face just brought the image to life. Keep it up.:thumbsup:


Looks rad, burn. I like the position of the snake body a lot more in the 1st sketch you did…how it’s sorta forming a hump. Looks more organic.
The set elements look cool so far, and the idea rules. Nice stylez, yo.


i agree with brasshorse, the snake looked better in the first initial sketch, right now it seems a little rigid in the body twords the background, kind of like a hose but the figure is great, fleshing out the face makes it more real. Good stuff

ps. magnetohead in the foreground. decapitated stylez.


Thanks for the comments aaron and tim. unfortunately i could never get that pose to work how i intended so i’ve changed it up alittle in this newest update.


Good sketches. I like the gesture of her, especially the with her legs spread that way.
I would change her facial expression though. Something with more emotion. Can’t wait to see some colors.



Good start mate! nice sketches. I’d recommend finding some pictures of a python wrapping itself around a tree or something for reference. I like the girls pose - jez


Yes pose is very nice and the face is done really well. as it really hold the pieace together. Cant wait to see you put this in color! I though think you should add more depth to your scene and maybe some foreground objects to balance things out more. The snake like tubing around her is way too thick for her body, unless you show veins and muscles tensing, I would suggest making them a little thinner, maybe see urchin like. Keep up the progress and good luck with it. Will come back to see future updates!



Recently got a fulltime job so it’s been alittle hard to keep up with this, but here’s a small update with some color ideas…



cool stuff… but i dont think the pose works here… again a subjective matter but i think she doesnt have enough weight to her… she seems to be held up by the neck yet it feels like she is standing… anywho just a little crit hope it helps you somehow.


hey man! your lines are splendid. Im glad I looked at this. You have a great palette your working with!