Master and Servant 2D Entry: Smyk Vitaliy


OH yeah man that’s awesome!!:eek: the beast textures look so beautiful!! very good job man:thumbsup:

Maybe try to add a green rubi on the beast colar…like the woman one…in order to accentuate yet the beast soumission…

Good luck!:slight_smile:


WOW ! I love this piece. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :applause:
Good luck in the final mate.


aha, i see lots of work done. cool lighting! i dunno, it seems the beast is ready. i like the stripes, they are on place.
i wish you had more time =)


this is a very nice pic, the paining of the master is very good and i like the servant, good work


I like this image, especialy the way you handled the light and shadow. The leather outfit on the woman looks very realistic. The only crit I have is that the belt looks unfinished. Perhaps add some shadows to break apart the segments a little better? Other than that, this is an awesome pic!

Good luck!


Very goood work:thumbsup: … just small comment about the light source? :rolleyes:

but it very nice I like it … good luck:bounce:


awesome!! can i be her beast? nyahahahaha… good luck on the final dude, & hurry up:bounce:


I have little more time cause it not done yet. Good luck you all !!!


as my pal here comments, she lacks nipples showing under this tight dress =)
i like the new collar, but inho i still feel it could use some shading on the left side - contrasts too much against shaded beast skin right above it
it seems like you’ve added some contrast, i really don’t know how to put it… the contrasted beast looks more arcade compared to the background, so to say.
aaah, forget it =) seriously man, i love this work. it must get a prize, i put my trust in you =)respect!

what i especially like is that we can see the master-servant relation in two ways - the gentle hand petting the beast, and on the other side, firm tight hold on the beast’s lead


That is it done. Its finaly done. Im in waiting.


just sweet, everything:thumbsup:


Finaly done. I used Photoshop7,Painter7.


Final image very nice piece of work, beautiful details.
The woman’s skin and lighting are beautiful too.
cheers. :applause:


[crossing my fingers]


Like your drawing very much)
Wand to wish U goodLuck!


really stylish and impressive work, especially the beast
good luck!:applause:


really stylish and impressive work, especially the beast
good luck!:applause:


boris styles… wonderful image. good luck.


I need to kinap you, and force you to show me how to make creatures that cool looking. Unbeleivable! I dislike how you are so amazing, makes me jealous! Darn you!

Outstanding piece seriously!:thumbsup:


Is it just me feeling like some people got robbed? I like Antropus, but his latest work should not have won in my opinion. There are so many other entries here that should have won, but i think sometimes a well established or known artist around the cg community can probably lean judges toward those who are most known to win the contest. Its almost like being in high school where the popular kid gets to be king on prom night except the judges are behind closed doors. I think the best thing would be to have a “VOTE” to decide who wins. A vote from everyone would probably be better than just having those judges pick out what they like.

This piece here is really well done. Nice colors and design. I am wondering will there ever be a 2D winner? or everything goes to the 3D guru guys?

Sorry i don’t mean to offend anyone, but i think some people got robbed on this latest challange.