Master and Servant 2D Entry: Smyk Vitaliy


Very well rendered beast and woman, both in terms of form and colour. Two things, though ~

  1. You seem to have gone straight into the detail on the beast without fully defining its musculature. As a result, its body looks a little cardboardy (although its head is superb)

  2. Thin vertical spires (your background) don’t suit this piece, they break up the tension and fluidity of the creature and overall make the picture appear very static. Personally I’d go for much chunkier, semi-diagonal rock formations slanting right-to-left to contrast with the position of the lead, but that’s just a suggestion. I’d also put a bit of solid landscape in the background and try to integrate it a little more with the foreground, otherwise it may end up looking a bit like a stage backdrop.

Really good job! :smiley:


'ssup, i like the choice of the background! some alien rocks yo got there, they stack up nicely and correspond to the beast type,
maybe it’s a small thing, but it seems that the background and the foreground and lit differently


At last time i`m working on Beast and replaced background.


***k me!


Nice concept, as well as the Beauty and her Beast! I like the lines but you should add some reflex colors to gain a better imaging volume. Best wishes! :thumbsup:

my Master and Servant


YYEEAAAHH!!:thumbsup: your beast is looking better and better!! Great details!! The background start to look great… Come back see your evolution soon…

Good luck:)


I like it) good work!)


come to think about it, Baron was right about the back. the new back is holding the picture together really well.
though the front piece of rock on the old back gave an idea about some deserted or cursed land, and now it all looks much more cheerful. changes the mood alot, heh =)
maybe adding some shading to the beast’s collar? right now it’s floating a bit

i’ll love the final work, maaan =)


I’m really liking the new collar design. I’m a little less confident on which background I like better, they’re both quite good, but give two different feels to the peice. In the first background with the collums the piece seemed darker and more foreboding with the girl as being the “out of place” element. The new background is much more serene and it is now the monster that is “out of place.” I think focus also shifts more from girl to monster in the change of the background. It’s looking really great, and only continues to become more detailed and fantastic. Awesome work.


Looking good!

I like the feel and mood the color scheme gives. This allows the beast to “look” like it is in its natural enviroment.

I will have to agree with Baron Impossible on the beast. You should define the structure more before putting in details.


The rendering in this is really beautiful so far. and I really like the new background that you’ve put in. Nice work!

The new version of the beast’s ribs and torso feel more unbelieveable to me than the previous versions. The top of the ribs beels like it’s makde of stone, the bottom half like it’s mechanical, like something H.R. Giger would design. Neith texture matches the head of the creature well, or parts like the more-legs with those great veins.

But you still have plenty more you want to do, I’m sure… Good luck!



This is coming together nicely. The beast is coming along really good! The background looks like it’s going to be beautiful! Keep going!:thumbsup:


wow, great looking beast dude, your background is great, but I dont know if its appropriate for your M&S, looks like they just pose there for a pix, I’d suggest somehting dark or chilling to reflect the beastly servant, dont be offended dude, but thats just me & you can ignore this if you like… overall grade A+


Thank you all guys! Your comments realy important for me. I will keep an eye on it.
Best wishes you all.


Hi Smyk.

IMHO you took the right decisions for your painting. Good idea of just forgetting the gun, it seems to be such a clichée. And the new background lends a more spacious feeling to the piece without drawing away the attention too much. One thing came to my mind: maybe it could make up for a better story, when there’d be some kind of vessel on the lake or at the shore? Dunno, maybe it would imbalance the composition again…

I would definitely take a second glance at the lighting and the play of shadows. Right now the light seems to be indefferent, coming from “everywhere” and leaving not too much shadows.

Good luck,
:slight_smile: <- Lutz


Good концепт, though all traditional…
I too would advise to pay attention to a background, on the sky.
While it not expressive enough.
I wish good luck.


very good. i like the attitude of the beast and its design. your master also shows feeling but i think this could be worked on. gl


nice theme, and very well done till now. I like the colors, and your texture work.
Also good job on the master :open_mouth: , damn, somebody got to learn me this anatomy stuff! :frowning:

anyway, good luck! :slight_smile:

Cheers Kam


Hi all.I hope this dress is that what you like :slight_smile: Cheers :slight_smile:


great new back… it looks now like this: the upper part is very thinkful, and works excellent with the calm girl. the lower part, rocks and staff, are closer to brutal life of the beast. a great contrast between two moods.

this work doesn’t simply look good, but also implies some idea and meaning beyond it. sure lots of details to come, but even now i love it.