Master and Servant 2D Entry: Smyk Vitaliy


it’ some kind of “boris valejo”
i like ur art.
keep it up :drool:

i’ll keep an eye on ur work!



Sketchs were great…Color WIP is going good!! just a detail…maybe add some dribble to the creature…:slight_smile:


I like the beast! its look so very lifely and brutal…
Go on, and can’t wait for more…


Privet, Smyk! I like the pencils very much. And the colors are good. What type of background did you have in mind? :thumbsup:

My Master & Servent


Nice work :thumbsup: Very fearsome creature u have…


This is a really gorgeous piece. The design is really fantastic and the color is wonderful. I really enjoy how calm the lass is considering she’s got a very powerful and fearsome beast on the end of a very short rope. If you don’t mind me asking, what kind of brush do you use to get those fantastic grey tones, as well as the color? I really look forward to seeing the rest of this piece.


Amazing… this drawing is one of the best in this comp! - for me…

keep posting

cheers: Kornél


yum! she s hot! put nipples under the chlothes.:slight_smile:


Wow, great work, put a background to it, finish it and i think we have a contender for the cover!! You kept it succient and classic yet bold and i think thats the type of thing that makes the cover (If they do a book, which they probably will)

Keep up the good work and good luck

(Feel Free to comment on my thread :slight_smile: )


i love it, for now i cant really crit cause u r working on it and i dont know where u r taking it, but ill be back, keep it up:thumbsup:


Very cool beasty you got there! I also like that you changed the girl from holding a gun to a more nurturing figure. I think that it’s a much better contrast to each other! Nice work!


Thank you guys for your comments. Good luck you all !!!


well pal =)
as always, great stuff. what i especially like is that your work looks stylish even at the very beginning


It`s just a color variation but not finaly.


I can’t really make my mind up on this one:surprised:

Don’t get me wrong… I like the concept… makes a change from people sitting on the shoulders of a troll or similar:rolleyes: .

The dilema I face… is deciding if I want to see more detail in the woman… or less detail in the beast:shrug: …

I like the DC.comics feel of the woman… but I also like the detail and the fine short fur effect on the beast…

Grrr… I’m probably gunna lose sleep now lol:twisted:

If I have to choose… I would say put more into the female… but keep it nice and simple… the contrast should be evident between the two parties in this pic.

Looking forward to the next update



this is looking great. lovely drawing style and the colours are shaping up nicely.


More detailed Beast head. Feedback please


WOW… this is looking great :slight_smile: I love the design of the beast.


Your beast is very impressive! (and she’s brest too :thumbsup: )

cheers: Kornél


Oh yeah this looks like sweet:love:
Maybe some kind of saliva in the beast’s mouth : think about all those guys peeping your delicious sexy kitty He He He
Nothin to crit by now:buttrock: