Master and Servant 2D Entry: Smyk Vitaliy


Smyk Vitaliy has entered the Master and Servant 2D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: My tender Beast

Finaly done. I used Photoshop7,Painter7.


Here is my vision on Master & Servant.
Pretty,sexy and dangerous girl with her
servant - “Tender Beast”. Not finished
yet. :slight_smile:


Nice quality to your drawing. Good to see how it develops.

My Challenge Response


really good concept.

the female has a kind of comic feel to it… very cartoony in contrast to the creature… i think as of how it looks now its too early to tell but i hope it flows better when you start blocking out the colors.



Hey, sweet sketch! Good sense of depth. I like the head on the beast. Feels solid. Keep it up!


Anover version. I think this girl looks beter.


Nice drawing! This should look really nice when you start coloring it. (Not that it doesn’t now! :slight_smile: ) Good luck with it!



Great work…you really seem to know what you’re doing. It looks promising!


Great line art! Really has a sense of mass and depth. Your drawing has a good measure of confidence in it. Looking forward to seeing this developed.



I’m liking this as well.


Great drawing. I like the moster character. nice design . Also the woman character is very nice. look forward to see color, best of luck


Nicely done!
great line and shade work.


Wow very nice style, very Borish. Great work :thumbsup::thumbsup:


Yes sir! that is a nice drawing.
More more more more more more:bounce:


Finaly I starting with colors.Fill basic
characters with primary colors & add some shadows and lights.


wowoyou rline work was excellent and the design of the beast is really really nice… can not wait for more. i have nothing to crit, but only have question… what are you going to do with the background? if anything . . .


Very classic. Like Vallejo crossed with Wrightson. (two of my favorites, so it’s a good thing :thumbsup: ) I must admit, though the woman you’ve started to color is fine, I actually liked the first one better. Her stance and the fact that she was armed sort of made you wonder which one was the beast, even if it was easy to see which one was ugly. In any case, I’m lovin it and will be waiting to see how it progresses.



Great sketches you’ve done. :slight_smile: I envy your anatomy skills…
The coloring looks good so far. Just a little nitpick: The shading beneath her breasts looks a bit too “black” to me, which makes it look quite artificial. I’d suggest you to remove the black shading from your initial sketch and make it a skintone shade instead… maybe a bit blueish or purple-ish from the reflection of her dress.


Aww, crap this is too good to insult.

Oh yeah what are going to do for the background?
Well whatever it will be, my thaught is making it between forest and desert and mountains. (just a thaught)


VERY impressive illustration skills! And the paints are coming along great! Nice comic book-ish style to the artwork. Great pose for the woman and I especially like the beast design.

Keep going… oh, and I also am wondering what will you do with the bg. (tee hee)