Master and Servant 2D Entry: Skan Srisuwan


very nice idea and your skill~ congratulation~~:bounce:


Very nice picture, indeed.
More impressed, however, i was of the writing below which gives a totally new color to the painting itself.
Though I am not half as good a painter as you are, i yet see some similiarities between this and my own creations and i started seeing an aspect that remained hidden before my eyes up to this point.
The final path of melting with the forces, that have been casted to be, may they be blessing or curse, do not come without a price.
Those who become one with the soulless servants, they summoned, will have to give up their own soul and many of their feelings, ultimately becoming a servant to the servant’s path itself.
There yet remains the possibility to give soul to that, what has come to be, instead of letting it vanish it from its constructor’s heart.
Then again the question arrises of wether or not those lost feelings will remain important at all. The path to ultimate determination and solving of the riddle may be worth such a sacrifice.
Maybe some emotions will be forgotten, yet others preserved in order for the human to remain human.


haha, fantastic as i said earlier! congratulations on your award!


hey,congratulationz.u deserve it!!:thumbsup: :smiley:
cya next comp.:buttrock:


It’s my first time getting to great challenge like this, I doesn’t have any word that can explain my feeling.

Hope to challenge and sharing with ya all friend here again next challenge!!



i totaly love your drawing/ painting style. its really awe inspairing and it makes me wont to improve my self to and it also makes me wont to weep.=D
Congrats on coming 4th runnerup.
also thnx so much for the painting Tips! =D


Great work!

I just wanted to say how true your statement in your work in progress was:

“The hardest thing is making a detail without dropping the expression”

that’s so valid in my case and I’m shure from many other ones, in general and I’ll think of it form now on


excellent work!

if you are ever looking for some freelance…drop me an email k?



wow ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~u r wonderful man,very nice work ,I learn so much thing from ur pic~!but sorry for my poor English,can’t ask u too much about ur work,very excellent~hope to see ur next work soon,~~~~~~~~Keep it up~!:thumbsup:


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