Master and Servant 2D Entry: Skan Srisuwan



best of luck to you man!


Very cool.

Congratulations, and good luck.



I love your work man!!:love: so beautiful for me… congratulation! and best luck for the cgallenge!:slight_smile:


One of my favorites. Good luck! =)



your vision is outstanding… truly a very original piece of work… well done


awsome job !


amazing bro, love the sketch effect… good luck & have a deep sleep:thumbsup:


looks awsome!! gud luck :smiley:


great imagination and outstanding image!!
good luck in contest.cheers.


nice work! i think it expresses the theme well, it takes a bit of time for the viewer to really absorb the image and try to see what’s going on, after i noticed the wand in her hand it all came together for me. technically your work is stunning, and it’s only because you are so strong in this area that i would critique your emotional expression, because i think if you pushed that further it would do wonders for your art. the piece has a subtle emotional ambience that can be read many different ways, which is nice, but if you wanted to directly visualize a concrete theme you may have pushed it a bit further. maybe pushing the look in her eyes and shape of her mouth as well as the direct physical interaction of her and the technology would have made things more apparent. but then again, i like having to participate as a viewer and have my own interpretation, which you’ve left room for.



Excellent. Definitely in my top 5. Good luck.


Man this turned out so friggin awesome!!! defenitly one of my favorites


Close-up foe the character


Wow Skan, pretty nice concept and very nicely done.


In the last time I decide to make a hood for her, cause her only face can’t sense my concept, overall picture is too big for face expression.

Hehheh…and STARWARS EP3 is coming man!, I’m go panic in the last time and STARWARS’s ad is come.

This,s the reason of the hood!!


Close up for her coat.
Thanks for The magnetic, I make her coat separate to semi mechanical form to relate overall composition.


Title : The Conductor

Human beings have unlimited desire and ambition. But the weakend body is a great limit to obtain it. So human use artificial accessories and innovations to break through that limit. Fruits of human wisdom can let them do forbidden manners such as flying in the sky, exploring space or diving in the deep sea. Day by day, innovations keep growing alongside with human desire and ambitions.

In this sense, human let innovations do their favor and obtain their desire like a Master let a human Servant to do. Both human and innovations perform a kind of “Master and Servant” relationship.

But this relation lead us to a question, although human let artificial accessory do their favor, they get used to live with it and NEED it. Human cannot live without accessory. So who’s the real Master and who’s the real Servant?

I decide to use an ordinary girl, you cannot sense the power or might from her, along with powerful mechanics to make a contrast and a conflict. The ambition expressed from the girl’s face and the might expressed by the from of mechanics. She seems so powerful with mechanical servants surrounds her, but she must sacrifice some important thing as an exchange.

Human must sacrifice all natural resources to use innovations. In this case, the girl must sacrifice ordinary human senses and feelings and transform to be more like mechanics she contacts. Mechanical nervous system connect to her artificial spine let her directly control the mechanics as they were her arms and legs. So we’ll see the feelingless girl with ambition ties herself with the machine and controls all the parts to do something extremely powerful to reach her unlimited desire.

The way she control mechanics looks like a conductor, so I named this picture after it. And the girl holds a baton like a real conductor too.



Great work - I like how you desaturated the colour in everything except the character. Good Luck!


sawasdee krub
congratulation on ur final image.
very beautiful of the best here.
best luck in contest.


wow you make it look easy.