Master and Servant 2D Entry: Skan Srisuwan


It a good work ! The dynamic of your girl is very nice.And I like your machine.
Your machine master is very intersting .


That’s how I paint.

Good luck to ya all, the time is close.


great the way u paint.
good luck na.


I agree with xric7

Your way of painting is really amazing and very unique.
Your piece is looking very cool right now! :thumbsup:

cheers kam


Wonderful work so cool…!!


in my head I am crying. crying the tears of a kid that has to take public showers with older more…mature kids. any way man Im hella tired but this looks SO good. your is so much better than mine!!! I would like to put my two cents in. I think that you should pull the texture from the girls skin and clothes. I personally, if this were my image, would prefer her to remain of her own element or at least a seperate element from the… symphonic beauty(didnt know what else to call it)seeing that she is the composer and not the composed…or is she…:shrug: AAAAAAAAH? talk to you later man. this is so nice. I want to make a poster out of it and lie to my friends and say that I was really good friends with you and that you gave it to me as a symbol of our friend ship. but i dont even know you so…


this is looking great! go! go! go! :bounce:

btw: thanks for unveiling the secrets of the “ctrl g” thing! it saved me sooo much time!:arteest:

waiting for the next update


Just a little word man just to tell you that i’m in love with your work!!:scream: Just AMAZING JOB man!! i like especially the way you give with the destructurates elements!! It’s just a perfect mix between texture and vector works!!! I LOVE IT!!:love:

Good luck man and keep going on this way!!:thumbsup:


This’s my favourite effect, it’s easy to use and very realistic.

Round brush you see is blend edge, the bigger to blend easy the smaller to make a detail, one to make them all!

Flat bristle brush is the one including with the program loading from menu bar in the right side of brush selecter, the set name is Thick heavy brush, load and fun!!


Wow the detail you use is amazing. You must have spent hours on the image

Good luck


The mechanic part is all ended and ready to make some decal after the main character.

The hardest is done, 2 days nonstop rock with the girlie is here!!


You have a unique thing going on with your art. It’s very impressive.

I like it a lot. Respect



man your mecha design rules, I like the way u succeded in the task to show us something mechanical in a phase of costructing or decostructing itself!!! I vlove it! Go for the lady now and hurry!
Ps the entire scene remind me of a casting spell of something mechanical terribly huge and astonishing powerfull!!!


Wow! Looking good! But, you’re running out of time! Don’t rush the girl - based on your other piece similar to this one, I know you can do some really nice characters. Good luck!


good luck with the final brushstrokes!

looking AMAZING! :eek:


is she gonna be like a slave to the mech? hmmm… pretty unique & i love your technical style, & those are a lot of parts to paint dude, you are crazy hehehehe(in a good way)… good luck dude, & hurry up!!!


nice detail majik !


Title : The Conductor

Human beings have unlimited desire and ambition. But the weakend body is a great limit to obtain it. So human use artificial accessories and innovations to break through that limit. Fruits of human wisdom can let them do forbidden manners such as flying in the sky, exploring space or diving in the deep sea. Day by day, innovations keep growing alongside with human desire and ambitions.

In this sense, human let innovations do their favor and obtain their desire like a Master let a human Servant to do. Both human and innovations perform a kind of “Master and Servant” relationship.

But this relation lead us to a question, although human let artificial accessory do their favor, they get used to live with it and NEED it. Human cannot live without accessory. So who’s the real Master and who’s the real Servant?

I decide to use an ordinary girl, you cannot sense the power or might from her, along with powerful mechanics to make a contrast and a conflict. The ambition expressed from the girl’s face and the might expressed by the from of mechanics. She seems so powerful with mechanical servants surrounds her, but she must sacrifice some important thing as an exchange.

Human must sacrifice all natural resources to use innovations. In this case, the girl must sacrifice ordinary human senses and feelings and transform to be more like mechanics she contacts. Mechanical nervous system connect to her artificial spine let her directly control the mechanics as they were her arms and legs. So we’ll see the feelingless girl with ambition ties herself with the machine and controls all the parts to do something extremely powerful to reach her unlimited desire.

The way she control mechanics looks like a conductor, so I named this picture after it. And the girl holds a baton like a real conductor too.


Wow! It looks awesome! It would have been nice to watch more of your progress, but I understand the rush :slight_smile: Good luck in the judging!


Sorry to skip the process man!, That’s a rush time and I don’t save any screenshot for this step.

Thanks for everyone concerning and be the luck gone with you.

Pheewwwww…time for bed now, 2 days rush is end.


Don’t ask me about this hood, she hold a new type of light saber!!