Master and Servant 2D Entry: Skan Srisuwan


i love your image, very much, even if i don’t yet understand the subject and how it go for the challenge?


it very very nice image makmak kub i live your concept and great drawing
good luch kub


this is great … a very powerfull image and its got all my favorite colors :smiley: :smiley:

my eyes are jumping form her cool face to the stylish brushstrokes on the left and … a poster of this would be very nice to have :smiley: :smiley:

gj man…i’ll follow you till the end :slight_smile:


just one word



cool job my friend, good luck


I love that piece of work. Got great graphic and illustrative qualities to it!

Good luck and hope you do well.


whoa,Thats quite a nice piece of work.:drool:


quite an eye catcthing piece mate,intresting approach and impressively done!:thumbsup:


very nice piece of art, would be nice on my wall at home =)

keep it up!


Very impressive! :thumbsup:


Looking good so far. Keep up the good work!:thumbsup:


This is gonna rock so hard when it’s done. Looking forward to your next update. =)



Ow wow this is friggin awesome! very cool style you have man, very impressive, looking forward to see this finished


Update again, thank’s for everyone visit and post some crits for improove, now I begin to paint the upper layer work over the drawing.
I will explain about the layer later



What a good picture!! congratulation man!!:thumbsup: seen you soon to see next post:)

Good luck!


เอ้า รัว!..หลีด พร้อม…34(เอ้ย…ล้อเล่นนน)…เพิ่งสังเกตว่าท่ามันคุ้นๆ แต่ชอบมากท่าเนี๊ย:love:
beautiful pose and cool design.
ur style is unique and great.
keep it up.


Nuts! Movement, compositions, lighting. Great work!. Can’t wait to see it done. Good luck! :bounce:


Here is a close up for detail work over the drawing layer, use a simple round brush 6pxl flow 15 200% zoom work and stroke brush (that used for built up)flow3 to scratch over.

The hardest thing is making a detail without dropping the expression.

Go to stroke like hell for now!! The time is close!


Wonderful work, and technique.

Really great.



Wow, what an amazing wealth of detail! This is looking really incredible. I love the image, and I rally like what you chose to do with the frame as well. You’ve done a good job of posting your process too, so thanks! It feels to me like the female could use a tad more saturation to really stand out from the background, at least in the reds, but i don’t know whetehr you’re shooting for “standing out” or “blending in,” so I’ll leave it at that. But I should let you go: Looks like you have a [i]very busy[/] weekend ahead of you painting! :slight_smile:
Good luck!