Master and Servant 2D Entry: Skan Srisuwan


Today progress, now I begin to paint over all detail to check a composition.

And I wanna ask you something.
Pogonip told me about the concept relation before and I pm to him for reading the concept,yesterday he told me his suggestion.
“The problem I believe in this case is that the competition is visually based ! I read your concept and I understand your idea but as you read the competition guild lines it object is to express the emotional and symbolic relationship between master and servent which in my opinion is not clearly visuallized in your illustration. Perhapse if you could show some kind if personal relationship between the mechanisms ? Anyways just an opinion seems everyone else loves your idea so perhapse you should ignore me …good luck either way my friend”

If he say so, I want to know other’s suggestion too, how to make this one better add replace or something, thanks


Really strong dynamic composition and subtle color scheme.

I also like the framing and the ascpect ratio.

I’m missing few darker shadows to make the pic a bit more focused and to make the lighting a bit more dramatic. This is a wip of course, just my thought.

Looking forward to the finished piece.


WoW! This is so cool man! :bounce:


This is looking amazing! I agree that when I first looked at your image that I didn’t understand the Mater/Servant idea right away. But, after I read your explanation, it is very clear and very well thought out. I say just keep going!


sorry guys…i can’t find the story of this Great piece…

Anyway, if i got the art strength like u…

U know what…I gonna make this lady Form up a Giant robot wif her spell from tos rusted mechanical gears & broken parts… (try add something like Machinehead in the air).
Guess this concept will be supra-impressionist!

Errr…is this what u want us to understand?

Can’;t wait to see the final image! I mean it !!!


wow, crazy. This is my first time seeing this piece.
Anyways, it’s nicely executed except for one thing. I understand that the servant is suppose to be some sort of mechanism, but it’s not clearly presented. When i first saw the piece without looking at the description, there was no way of telling if there was actually a 2nd character. It just seemed like it was just an environment. My suggestion is that turn the servant more recognizable as a character. I don’t know if others agree with me or not, but that’s how i feel. I hope this is helpful and not discouraging. Anyways, this is visuall stunning.


Define some hand and some eyes. Or make the woman form the recognizable forms of the body hand arms and head. I like it a lot and I love you paint style. Also, thanks for posting in my forum and good luck to you.:thumbsup:


This is far beyond any first impression you may get, based on it’s initial visual impact. If you look at this from a middle distance, you get the real energy…this is outstanding!

It feels alive.




Today progress, adding more detail to fulfill all composition befor full detail.

Thanks for everyone’s concerning, that’s very helpful for me. I will think for add something that sense a meaning of concept later.


Today progress, complete the base color under drawing layer. It’s time to make a final coloring over drawing layer.


Awesome, you have become one of my favourite artists. I am really amazed by your technique. Would you please post some close ups when it’s done?


Freakin´ awesome and freakin´ fast:thumbsup: . I´m just kinda worried that she gets lost in between all those details. Oh and I´d work on her expression a lot more. Make her either cry like Godzilla or smile like an angel. This is really insane, dude :slight_smile: .

peace, pete


this looks greatly detailed! wonderfull!:slight_smile:


wow… this is beautiful, I don’t think I have ever seen geometric lines loo so graceful and full of natural energy, you deserve copious amounts of praise for that alone. But when you consider the quality of your initial sketches (never have I seen the humble line put to such great use) and your eye for depth and composition, well, it turns into a truly remarkabl piece of art. Mind you, I loved your pepper piece too, so no suprise that this is turning out so brilliantly. You, sir, have acquired a new fan!


yummy!.. i wouldnt mind seeing this piece covering the front-page of the M&S-book …too bad the thumb-nail doesnt serve this picture any good… u have too see it up close. gold star ; ) love the strokes in the WIP! =)


Sweet this is looking really nice, I dig your style.


Awesome progress man! Really dynamic and powerful image! :thumbsup:


I don’t know what to say - it’s just so damn cool! :smiley:


Oh, again, my, god…! :eek: subscribes Damn you! :sad: it’s people like you that make me feel like i’m farther away from winning!
But, it’s truly astounding… the amount of detail, the lighting and composition… it’s a damned wave of metal! :scream:


This is the first I’ve seen of your entry… impressive! If I am interpreting you concept correctly, I think it fits well within the competition guidelines. It also has great depth, movement and envokes curiosity. I would love to have a poster of this and cant wait to see how you will improve on this… sorry about the gibber, this one just really hits the spot. Awsome work!! -Jez