Master and Servant 2D Entry: Skan Srisuwan


Sooooooo, that’s how you do it…thanks for sharing.

This is going to be stunning!

I’m watching



wooooo …Fantastic .I like the character’s pose.

Keep going ๆ .


I’ll keep looking your work.


Getting better and better!


holy shit man your not playin. This is a very creative concept and definitely stands out from the rest. congradulations!!


Wow. You’re drawing skills are awesome. Great designs too! Nice start on the colours… can’t wait to see more. Good luck on finishing!



That’s a great style and concept, i love how the vector turned out. Your work is very nice and i know it takes a lot of time to make that, keep up the good work


Nothing to say, that’s only a screenshot for base color process.


so fast!!:thumbsup: and so cool!:buttrock:
and good luck 2u.


base colors are looking great!


Cool work. I hope you finish it on time.


i like it a lot :slight_smile: and these splashed details on the right are looking very cool! very powerful composition… good luck to you! :thumbsup:


Even I don’t really know what tit is I already like it !
Colors and concept are great. Nothing to crit for the moment.


great dynamics man … I love the style of your works:bowdown:
the pose rocks too
best luck for u :thumbsup:


Now I coloring base color of the character.


still looks great!


That’s gonnabe my rush hour!!
The last time I rush like hell is my thesis, now it’s will become again.


wow! i am keeping tabs on ur thread. this is coming along pretty good


I love your choice of color. Keep up the good work. Good Hustle.:thumbsup:


keep up the great work.hope u finish in time.



this is really great, I really love the shapes invovled and the character, ill sit back and watch your colors take shape! Really wonderful pieace thus far!