Master and Servant 2D Entry: Skan Srisuwan


nice to meet u here.
cool sketches and design.


I sketch on the direction I composed before without thinking of any. Then let’s get start painting like crazy!!


the last post miss err…without thinking of any rules of realistic use sense and emotion to create them all.

When the lines is done the first important thing to do is separated main form and space to check the composition and flow of movements, then ya see space is too much in the right side that drop the volume and massive of the forms, that can solve with the sub massive form painting behind them later.


excellent idea… The Schedule very much it is pleasant.
good luck…:applause:


It looks like a nice drawing but WHAT is the Master/Servent relationship ?? I don’t see any at all ??? :shrug:


the Sketch is very interesting
i can imagine the final image


WWOOUUAAAAWWWW!! I love your work and your style!! Vector style !!:eek: I’ll come back see colors evolution!!


Kudos. Really love the line work. I love the dynamism on the piece. The only qualm i have is maybe the girl’s neck, it seems to be too long, especially from this angle. It feels like there should be less neck and the head should be nearer to the chest. Otherwise, one my of favourite piece.


Nice to see you here in this challenge. I’ve seen your work posted from time to time, and i have a lot of respect for your art.

I’m looking forward to seeing your work in progress, to see how you do it.

Good luck



Great to see you joining the competition! Your concept is looking great already. I’ve seen your work around the 'net, and I’ve been a fan from the start!

Good luck


โอ้คุณพระ…:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
looking forward 2 urs.


This is a visually stunning entry!

Its looking really good, excellent composition!


Good Lord! Awesome details on the drawings! :thumbsup:


Thank’s everyone who come and take a little look and comment here. About her neck I will solve this one in painting process.

I decide to add a frame to scope the background composition not to fade out and go loose the frame, then I stroke & stamp with hard stroke brush and texture brush to build up all the expression chromatic and direction in the picture.


wow! good job!
เริ่มเห็นลางๆ แล้วครับ สุดยอดตามเคย


Then, I paint the background and form separately and check the volume, for the beginner that’s the group layer technic (ctrl+g). In grouped layer this may not allow you to paint outside the main layer area.

I’m not sure to break my limit in only 6 month, the pepper is my best for now. If I can this will be my new record but if I can’t this one is only the shadow of the pepper, that’s the thing that bothering me and worrying me this time, but I will try my best to complete this one.


amazing work, keep at it :slight_smile:


holy sh… what the hell, i mean what is a servant here, a battle fortress galactica the 3rd, lol, awesome work. in a way reminds me of some shirow covers:thumbsup:


Really nce image - I like the overlaid feel to the whole thing. The movement in the image is good too.

Excellent stuff. :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=FIDUCIOSE]Skan Srisuwan has entered the Master and Servant 2D.

hey man, I’ve the same passion as yours: WOMEN AND MECH but sure you rules! however for this challenge i?ve chosen an opposed subject:
soon I’ll do something on that theme for cctalks.
good luck and see u,