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Latest Update: Final Image: THE CONDUCTOR

Title : The Conductor

Human beings have unlimited desire and ambition. But the weakend body is a great limit to obtain it. So human use artificial accessories and innovations to break through that limit. Fruits of human wisdom can let them do forbidden manners such as flying in the sky, exploring space or diving in the deep sea. Day by day, innovations keep growing alongside with human desire and ambitions.

In this sense, human let innovations do their favor and obtain their desire like a Master let a human Servant to do. Both human and innovations perform a kind of “Master and Servant” relationship.

But this relation lead us to a question, although human let artificial accessory do their favor, they get used to live with it and NEED it. Human cannot live without accessory. So who’s the real Master and who’s the real Servant?

I decide to use an ordinary girl, you cannot sense the power or might from her, along with powerful mechanics to make a contrast and a conflict. The ambition expressed from the girl’s face and the might expressed by the from of mechanics. She seems so powerful with mechanical servants surrounds her, but she must sacrifice some important thing as an exchange.

Human must sacrifice all natural resources to use innovations. In this case, the girl must sacrifice ordinary human senses and feelings and transform to be more like mechanics she contacts. Mechanical nervous system connect to her artificial spine let her directly control the mechanics as they were her arms and legs. So we’ll see the feelingless girl with ambition ties herself with the machine and controls all the parts to do something extremely powerful to reach her unlimited desire.

The way she control mechanics looks like a conductor, so I named this picture after it. And the girl holds a baton like a real conductor too.


Hope that’s not so late to begin?

First one and most important thing to start is inspiration. Now my inspiration is lady & mechanical. Then the second thing I gonna do is analyzing the mission “Master & servant” and make a relation with my inspiration.

Master (n.) A man who has other working for him or under him.
Mistress (n) A woman in a position of authority or control.

Servant (n.) A person who works in somebodyelse’household for wages, and often for food and lodging. A person who performs services for others, especially as an employee of a company or an organization.

In my opinion this relationship is both of them give and take in different condition. A servant must do his of her master’s favor and obeys the rules created by the master. When the condition is done master must pay his or her servants a return that’s the natural law.
That’s mean “master” is not always equal to “conqueror or torturers the servants”, cause “the servant” is not “the slave”.


hello, nice sketch! :smiley: cheers!


sawasdee krub! nice to see you here! your work are awesome! front page ( pepper tundra) is the best! i already own your digital painting vol 2 book! krub! you are young talent artist that break in thai cg! i hope to see more of your work ! and hope u bring your website up soon!


just saw ur excellent work in the finished art gallery,good luck in this man!

not long to go!


Cool work

I’m looking at the other picture every few mins :slight_smile: to figure it out!!

Keep going!


Here’s only an inspiration I wanna do. The conflict is still thinking and need some research. So she’s still naked and the mechanicforms doesn’t sense any stories or relationship.


wow very nice mechanics ,excellent pose

keep it up!


couple of your work posted on gallery here was most impressive, and this entry is quite a somthing! it will be pleasure keeping my eyes on your progress!
great style and taste in design man! keep up the great work and lets see where this picture goes!


Really impressive sketch, can’t wait for the next update !


Cool sketch dude. Can’t wait to see the colour version of this. I like the style too.



You’r style is very unique! I really like you’r sketches, keep it up, and get started on coloring asap! not that long time left. :slight_smile:


After the analyzing process before I keep thinking about the concept and decide to use my thesis intro about the technology that I’m researching all along.

In the beginning natural of human being have unlimited desire an ambitious. But the physical body of mankind has a limit. To obtain unlimited desires human do whatever they can to reach their destination, using their brain to solve problem is for basic and the invention is for the thing that forbidden like flying, diving to deep sea or explore the space.
If the mankinds are exist the innovations keep growing along side with human desire and ambitious too.

Now, the basic need for life of the man kind are based on technology human can’t live without them, to reach their destination and ambitious they must use the tech to “serve” them their favor and no hesitate to live together with all the technology live as “Master & servant”.

The next step is transfer the concept above to the symbolic and expresses them with all elements in my works.

That’s a relation of man and technology. I decide to use a woman for the symbolic of mankind woman is not sense the image of power and might but the ambitious can be express with her face as well and image of woman cam make a contrast and conflict with the mech as well. The mechanic form that I always use is for the technology and unlimited force. But the relationship that I told you before is if she gain a great thing she must pay all the expense too. I think human use all tech sacrifice all natural resources, as time goes by we loses senses and feeling as a human life and transform to be more like mecha we contact. So she must sacrifice too, that’s a feeling and independence of humanity, to reach her unlimited ambitious she must replacing her spine to the mechanic one that link the nervous system directly to her brain and spend a little system to the body and tied herself to the mechanic system to gain all control. That’s mean she can move her body normally but no feeling. The next one that bothering me so much is to express that she control all the part by herself. I think of someone who control many thing by himself, I think “the conductor” is the best fit for that case.

Finally she’s the feelingless girl with ambitious tie herself with the machine and control all the parts to do something extremely powerful to reach her unlimited desire.

That’s all I think

The concept design will be later, so she still keep naked.


Concept sketch for the conductor. Theme color are based on black-white-red but don’t assign any color for now, it’s depend on the composition of all picture. The black can express every sense of power (not the might) mystery and sadness the red one is the rage and ambition the little white and grey are on her skin express the feelingless and sadness.

The gesture one is a sketch for direction of flowing to guide all the form. The girl position and posing is up to the mechanic one, to make relation and dynamic to all forms and composition.

The next phrase is making a clear sketch to be coloring wip.


looks great fid,i’m waiting for sum colour!


Great style and concept Skan! I’m loving Inspiration No.2! But they all look fab! :slight_smile:


sawasdee krub! I like the idea and composition. it looks very interesting. Your work ( pepper tundra) is very amazing and I’m sure this pic will be amazing too when it finish. Looking forward to see color krub. Best of luck!!


love where you are heading man. The machine design is nice. Looks graphic and contemporary. Love to see how you combine them. Good luck.


I totally love your style man, (offtopic by the way, can you host your images you posted on somewhere else then photobucket? because I can’t see them anymore)

GREAT STUFF!! and good luck in the challenge man!


Your skecth is so atttractive for me, i wish you luck