Master and Servant 2D Entry: Simon Bull


im gonna past heaps in the next one or two hours…im up to the painting part which is where my true heart lies…

stay tuned for basically some very fast painting as im gonna try to get alot of ground work done tonight as i sit with a few beer…i hope you enoy the pic as it comes to life…



now getting in the darks…


a little bit o fuzz :slight_smile:

next is a little clean up…


yup yup…got the guy in now…i think its comming up pretty cool…

Would love to know what SOMEONE thinks!!



CYb :slight_smile:


starting t do some details…its getting good but its also getting slower…lol…working at almost 5X3k…lol but its fun :slight_smile:


yup yup…into the center of the storm!!

just adding more details and getting more drunk…on the last beer…so either a walk to AMPM or the END…lol

just one comment please…lol…you can do it!!


peace tonight…



ypu up yup getting in thos little .lights and wheresa the where at…a litttttttttle to out of it now…;lol…

the dolphin is very sad


Truely awesome dude. It’s wicked to see the process you go through, it’s been a while since I’ve actually been there to see it. Can’t wait for the finished thang. This is gunna look cool.


Not bad, thou a little dark… But I like it

[:twisted: my master and servant 2d ](my master and servant 2d


woke up with the biggest hangover again…lol

yoeah mark it has been a LONG time since youve seen mey painting…

Not bad, thou a little dark… But I like it

yeah mister wiZ this is really what i want and its also how i paint…basicallt at this stage there are only three tones…its how i always paint…there will be alot more detail in all areas but i plan to keep the lighting very moody…

i want outside the tank to be vert dark to give a feeling of death…inside the tank is light to give feeling of life…its all in the master plan…lol



Not a bad start. I read your story and have to say that you really need to make the picture tell the story better. Don’t get me wrong, the idea is good but the picture just doesn’t do it justice yet. I mean you’ve said the Dolphin controls the ship but there is no indication of that in the image. Maybe you need some wires hooked up to it’s brain or something. On the plus side your relationship between dolphin and man is coming through. Good start.


liked the dolphin and man stuff

but agry with Groady up here

good luck to you man :slight_smile:


I kinda tend to agree with Groady a bit. Something to insinuate that the Dolphin was controlling the ship would be good. As for the darkness, I like it. I tells you the system is down, and the emergancy back up lights coming from the hatch works well. Some live wires sparking might add a nice hint of more immediate danger maybe?


yup…i can see yas points…

my first intention was to have the dolphin fully hooked up…but then i thought the dolphin needs to seem happy where he is…he likes his job and life…

i had planned to make him a little cyber…bits stuck to his body and the like…dunno just gonna have to see how it flows…

thanks for the comments…



Those colors have come along nicely, I think. I really like the base colors you’ve chosen for the i-beam that’s collapsed on the guy.

I’ve been thinking… it might be a good idea to have his head angled so that he’s actually looking at the dolphin. Like, some sort of unspoken communiqué in his dying breath, said with their eyes.

Well, he was going to swim with him n3kk1d before. :wink:


Very nice and touching story and I love the lighting, moody is always good :slight_smile:


Oooh, yeah… the eyes Simon…Pay attention to the eyes… I don’t actully know what Clouds talking about, but everything comes from the eyes, so make sure you get that communicae right.


fixed up the head a bit so now i have taken peoples advice and made him looking into the dolphins eyes…

its sort of thrown the proportions off a bit so im going to have to do a little more work on the body…

but next i really want to get the background and the dolphin a little more resolved…with those in place a little more it should be eaiser to sort out the
master a little more…again ill just hae to see how it all fits in as i go…

anyways…had a killer day at work
so its time for a relax…

this was just a quick udate to see what yas all think…nothing too set…

will do alot tomorrow night i do think!



One word:


Okay, a few more words. The striations on his neck rock. I really hope you work those up for the next layer.

I can’t tell if the arms are the proper length, from here, but you might still want to take a look at them.


wow… i think this one is going to be very intensive! i like the colors a lot… reminds me of some computer game or so… i wish you the best luck! keep on!

can´t wait to see more!!