Master and Servant 2D Entry: Simon Bull


i think this ladder id my focal point.

i know alot about compisition and if somewone says ā€œnice compā€ again i may kill themā€¦

comp is about leading he eye and teh focus of tha leadā€¦

ive got my own idea on where that lies but i want you to tell me where it is??

peace love and drunk cy bb


just a little test to see how it could look adgedā€¦what do yo think?

i think it looks too done ovrā€¦maybe mre subtle and built up layers could look beteerā€¦welll see how it goesā€¦

really drunk nowā€¦lolā€¦CYB


Nice composition! (^o^)/

Actually, I just wanted to reiterate what I told you last night as I donā€™t know how much alcohol you had in your system at the time:

I think that this image would be really, really nice if there was a final light bloom layer added in the final stages. The light around the ladder exit, the light coming from the dolphin, even the light dancing on the dolphin ā€“ itā€™d add to the dreamy ā€œIā€™m about to die!ā€ feeling youā€™ve got going.

I like the ageing and the extra detailing. An extra nice touch might be to add a bit of graffiti or even a sticker or something. Itā€™d be cool if on the side wall there next to the ladder there was some sort of indicator as to what floor youā€™d arrived on? Maybe?


jus thought id do a little woek on the guy quickly tonight
as i havnt really been doing stuff that looks different for the posts beforeā€¦ive mainly been working on cleaning up a little on the backgroundā€¦

but as you can see i made the guys rough headā€¦still got to make it mtch the scene lighting a little more (i have around only the nose and eyes)ā€¦ill need to make the hair, neck and cheeks fit inā€¦shouldnt be to hardā€¦

anyway thats it for another nightā€¦



Cyb, this is looking extreemly F&*?! cool. Perhaps you should put a bowlers hat on the dolphin to lighten up the mood a bit, lol. Iā€™m just being an idiot. Keep it up man, see you soon.


ok Ive been pretty busy of late but i managed do spend a little time on the painting tonightā€¦

still redoing the lines around the ladder wellā€¦againā€¦lolā€¦
also redid the body shape and am starting to shade/color it a littleā€¦

redid the color on the face and hair to make it match the scene a little moreā€¦
still goto to redo the neck but now i think ill move onto the background a little againā€¦think ill do the ladderā€¦as i said before i think that wil be a main focus of the background so i wanna get it looking cool soonā€¦

still got so much to do and so little free time that im worried that im gonna get it done to the standard that i want before the due dateā€¦

thinggs on the near futer things to doā€¦

  • redo the floor with my line pattern from the line are drawing (tile like lines that go out from the tank.

  • details in teh dark back wallsā€¦machines and stuff only a little in the lightā€¦

  • redo the computer screen and make a cool messaege/ critical warning screen to matchā€¦

  • redraw the wires and fallen stuff on the left ogf the pictureā€¦

  • the guys hands.

  • finish the tankā€¦glas distortions and reflectionā€¦(will be quite a task and may take ages to get it goodā€¦

  • blood smears on the guy and tank from the guys handsā€¦

  • a dirt/ detail layerā€¦stuff like clouds sticker and sign ideas that i really likeā€¦worn areas from where people moigh walk often or use an area oftenā€¦scuff marks and the suchā€¦
    also alge in the tank and tiny floaties like real tank waterā€¦and just dirty the tank a littleā€¦

  • cyber up the dolphin somehow to make it fit into the controlling the ship story a little better.

phewā€¦theres more but i cant be bothered typing itā€¦if anyone has any suggestions on any of the above please let rip!!

Also some more crits are always welcomeā€¦

Anyway reading timeā€¦

Have fun all.



dude ur figures really coming out great after all the touch ups, great job!


of course ive been busy againā€¦so not too much noticable stuff for a whileā€¦just little tweaks and nudges here and thereā€¦

one thing i did do tho was to put the ladder back in againā€¦only rough but i think it looks heaps better than before with the back wall more one upā€¦

next is more ladder work, more taank worhā€¦redo the guys hairā€¦and then well see where we can go from thereā€¦

id have to say that im happy with the pic so farā€¦just wish i had more free time to do some real work on it insteaded of tiny touches each nightā€¦

anyway might still get there in the endā€¦29 days left so should be sweetā€¦



Oooh, Iā€™m a sucker for trivial $h!t. I like the ladder. Looks V nice. The new face look greatā€¦kinda familiar, If you know what I mean. True to form from you & I. I like the hair cut, itā€™s like this 60ā€™s futurised cut. quite cool.

"You try so hard, but you, donā€™t understand, just what you will say when you get homeā€¦


sitting in an internet cafe writing this!!

oh my got NTT japan are evil!!

anyway ive done a little more on the paintingā€¦just cant post itā€¦lol

will do some more today if i can pull myself away from watching Naruto for a couple of hoursā€¦

the next image post will prob be a big jumpā€¦sorry but at the moment it cany be helpedā€¦

see you all soonā€¦



internets still dead :frowning:

should be back up within a weekā€¦will do a big post before the due date hopefullyā€¦
man its really s$%ting meā€¦any way ive done heaps on the paintingā€¦so get ready for a big supriseā€¦ive done the guys reflection and basically finished him offā€¦also redone alot of the tankā€¦and also the back wall/backgroundā€¦im so sad that i cant post at the momentā€¦but im saving some pictures as i go so some progressive picts will be commingā€¦

anyway its beer timeā€¦

love cyb


just submitting my final color. final image in about five minutes. :wink:


final image. donā€™t you want to touch it?


Well, it certainly ended up one heck of a beautiful painting, man. Itā€™s still missing a dog with a speech bubble, but I suppose that in the end it works without.

Iā€™m proud of ya. Hope you win something grand!


Very Impressive Cybu san! Thatā€™s one totally amazing work of art.

Best of luck old friend.


Simon, this is an intensly emotional piece. I find the questions it rises strong! But, judging from the story you wrote perhaps I am reading into it? But then again, the whole story that you wrote down seems long compared to the one intense moment that you paint. So much else has happened to the ship, the dolphin, but here they are gazing (tenderely) at each other and asking for some outside help. All of this is captured in this one fleeting moment that in a second will be different. The dolphin is the slave, but, the man depends on him! Without the dolphin tha man canā€™t fly his ship. I like that you are not clear really in the end about who is master and servant ā€¦ that enough? I could go on looking into your painting ā€¦

Good luck. Marc


im really glad you guys liked itā€¦
i wanted to do alot more but since we have no internet i had to submit it a week early
so that i would get it in on timeā€¦

i think ill keep working on it in the future but in a couple of monthsā€¦

i suppose the written story tells a hell of a lot more than the picture but im not
fussed by that allā€¦people can take what they want frm my art, just as long as it gives them something to think about then im happyā€¦

im also thinking of writting a book along the lines of the same storyā€¦i like writing as well as paintingā€¦

i would also like to thank everyone who posted on my threadā€¦you guys really kept me going and came out with some great ideasā€¦im just sorry that i didnt have time to post more on others workā€¦(at the moment im sitting in a net cafe in the fifteen min before i strart my work) having no inter net has really made it difficult but im just happy that i got there in the endā€¦

special thatnks to mark and DC who gave loads of input all day every dayā€¦thanks guys!!


Nice piece of artwork.


Looking forward to see how this contest goesā€¦there is alot of really great work here from everyone!!

Anybody know an around time for the resultsā€¦?
ill have a look now but dont have much time as im still on the net cafe kickā€¦



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